Saturday, August 20, 2016

Blake Griffin Tattoo

Christian Post reports that NBA high flyer, Blake Austin Griffin, could become a member of the Miami Heat next year.  Pat Riley and company have lost LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and they're looking for a superstar.  The 27-year-old could be the perfect person to fill the void.  If Chris Bosh gets back to 100%, the two could lead the organization to the NBA Playoffs.

It's hard to believe that Blake's been in the league since 2009.  According to 247 Sports him and Stephen Curry are two players from the 2009 NBA Draft that have exceeded expectations.  Similar to Steph, Griffin was recenetly spotted with a new tattoo.

Blake Griffin Tattoo
Blake Griffin Tattoo

The image above shows the Oklahoma native enjoying the beach.  Not only does he have a new tattoo, the NBA veteran has a new baby on the way.  The new tattoo reminds us of Kobe Bryant's tattoo that he got after he realized that his wife, Vanessa was ride or die.

After Kobe got caught cheating on his wife in Colorado, Vanessa had a very difficult decision to make.  She could divorce him and move on with her life or she could stand by his side.  Vanessa chose to give him a second chance and Kobe got the ink to show how much he loved her.  Could Blake's new tattoo be a similar tribute to his baby mama?

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