A Buddy Sit Down With Antonial B., The Next Big Pop Star

A Buddy Sit down With Antonial B., The Next big pop star, “You heard it from Lynn exclusive!"

Antonial B.
Antonial B.
Writer/blogger: Lynn “Dzahuti” Perry

Antonial B.
Antonial B.

Antonial B.
Antonial B.

Antonial B.
Antonial B.

What’s up my team Lynn family!  , It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to write trying to deal with this torture we call getting a college education but if I was going to return to writing obviously my first article has to come with a bang right?!

You guys know how I do so while we wait for Empire to return as well as continue to get our bodies right (there’s always next summer) I have the privilege of introducing you all to a phenomenal artist who is equally as humble, down to earth and handsome as he is talented, Antonial Barnes aka the next greatest thing in music A.L. Beats! , This brother grew up in a family of gospel and R&B musicians and began playing piano and percussion at a young age as well as singing, this brother also writes, produces and creates the instrumentation for all his music as well , He  attended Cedar Valley College where he studied Jazz Piano and Percussion,

A.    L. Beats  also models and has taken the social media world by storm with photographs both fitness, artistic and sensual that def. will make you want to head to the gym and or just fantasize(smirks) , So world without further reading delay here's my interview with A.L. Beats, you heard it from Lynn Exclusive!

Lynn Perry:  First off brother man thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let me introduce you to both my Empire Fam as well as my fitness peeps, I followed you on Instagram for a good minute and with me growing up in a state known for music and interacting with people in the indie world as  well as black Hollywood I know talent when I see it and something special!, You surely are going to take the industry by storm and they heard it from Lynn first (laughs)

Lynn Perry: So pretty much from the brief introduction I gave for you in the beginning the audience knows you're a beast and as I told you before you def. have that John Legend, Ryan Leslie, big beautiful Josh Groban-esque voice and production wise I see elements of the greats but besides your family who were your musical influences? Who were perhaps the top 3-5 artists that really inspired you and made you think entering the music business and entertainment is def. for me?

A.L. Beats: Thanks, man vocally I love: (current Artist) Anthony Hamilton, Norah Jones, Maxwell, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Amy Winehouse etc

(Vintage Artist): Prince, MJ, Otis Redding, GAP Band, Luther, Ray Charles, Mississippi Mass Choir, Temptations, Queen, Bon Jovi

Production Wise: Outkast, Quincy Jones, Daft Punk, Zedd, Smokey R., Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Earth Wind & Fire, etc.

Lynn Perry:      I just got chills because that sounds like my playlists and what I grew up listening to and hearing in my house vintage wise! ,  I had a father who played everything from Billie Holiday to 2pac( giggles) , it gave me a deeper and bigger perspective on culture, the world and how people view different things but ironically how universal life really is and the circumstances and experiences in it,  it's funny you mentioned Prince and Quincy Jones because when I was reading and as we chatted about your life as well as me taking a listen I hear and see them and for sure I hear the free-spirited energy of Gaga in your productions, I like how you can take so many elements such as pop, urban, a Lil bit of jazzy folk and soulful, emotionally tinged vocals and mix it all together into this authentic fusion, That's def. the sound of a great and it’s hard for many artists who are eclectic to make it in mainstream music but ironically a lot of the most successful people have been fusion artists, how ironic( chuckle), So for every artist the creative process is diff. , What triggers the creative process for you to create brother man?

A.L. Beats:
Actually 99% of the time I always start with the instrumental. Depending on the mood of the instrumental I write the song to go with it. For example the song Broken….It was a rainy day and I was playing my Keyboard,  I was feeling a little down and the song only contains two chords I-IV, From that I made the lyrics.

    It all starts with the chorus to me. “Let me heal you….Let me heal your broken heart; Then the verses and the bridge.

Lynn Perry:   That is so deeply beautiful, Once they hear that one you will have to beat fans off you with a stick!,  I’m very excited because as someone who likes music and I mean truly loves true music that is authentic and from the artist’s soul in the last few years I’ve found I have to really dig, you are def. an artist who can resonate with our age range and definitely sell but you’re a bonafide artist( do your own production, plays instruments, can actually sing live and a capella (laughs) so you have huge crossover potential hence why I know you are a top artist on your way and someone who can become the people’s artist….

        As a writer so many things come to me from everyday life, joys and pains I and others I’ve known  have felt, A photograph I see of someone, A dream of mine, something a family member says, Listening to a song or seeing a music video and a character just comes to my head( chuckles) .

          Speaking of inspiration so many things are going on in the world right now, political upheaval, our innocent brothers and sisters being killed by law enforcement for no reason, the pulse tragedy and just a lot of situations that we as artists, entertainer’s and blogger’s/writers  may have even been encouraged not to

speak on, trying to make sure not to step on a potential fan or opposed groups toes, so many people from Jussie Smollett all the way to Lady Gaga and beyond are now speaking out, what’s your personal thoughts and being the introspective, deep thinking man that you are what’s your message to the world right now about what’s going on? What would you say to a fan that may be hurting or even confused about the world they are living in being in chaos really?

A.L. Beats:
Actually in my music I have a message that I want to get out because I only allow myself to have a few commercial songs but many of them come from the heart.

For example, I'm currently working on a song called "How Christian/Muslim of You"

 [Lyrics: How Christian/Muslim of you, to hurt the people that really need your Help….How Christian/Muslim of you, to take a child’s innocence away from him] .

Song 2:  “If I Fall”

   [Tease me if I fall, and I’ll cry. Tease me If I Fall; you can’t say I didn’t try. It’s not easy cause all great men cry. It’s alright cause all  I can do is try] and the last song   “Going Down” [It’s okay to cry and fall but don’t stay down there too long, you'll be in hell. When it's all said and you screamed and begged, it's time to fight for your right to stay. Whether you're straight or gay, black, white, or gray...everyone hurts the same way. ]

To those who are hurting I am deeply sorry for the root of that pain. I may not know exactly what you are feeling, or going through but it is okay to hurt, cry, and be weak...but don’t let that pain take over your life to where you cannot continue to live and be happy. Pain and death is a part of life just like happiness and

joy. Just know nothing in the world is new there is ALWAYS someone who is going through, or went through, something that you're going through...you just have to take the first step and communicate to someone about your pain.

Lynn Perry:   Wow just wow, The funny thing is you make me want to take out my pen and just start journaling my thoughts and get started on my poetry compilation !, But you know  that’s the mark of a true artist in  that they inspire others, true artists inspire other artists and I think you know from our  conversations  and us following each other on I.G. how I was seriously at the point of giving up a few years ago but it was several great people and influences that God sent at the right time and I knew I could do this!

I honestly would say the same thing and I have to people via social media and the type of stuff I try to write and post about for sure.

      I’m not a man afraid to cry or say something hurt me,  to say something broke my heart but when so much of this stuff started happening in mass and knowing that  I had leader’s and different professional people following me at the time I was like God what do I say to them and my friends?

      What can I say to black America, What can I say to the LGBT community the same great, loving people who were my biggest support when I first wrote anything   and who were links to finding out so much indie stuff when I first started Instagramming a few years ago, God told me to tell them just what you said and he told me “Don’t let situations, the media or even negative people change the love, freedom or joy I’ve given you.

 The world is going to look to the writer’s, the blogger’s, for sure the music artists and entertainer’s as well as their religious faith leaders or spiritual leaders if they believe in the supernatural,  we have the power of influence so we definitely have to continue holding the light up!

   I’m done preaching so let’s talk fitness! (laughs),    You are def. a very handsome person and anyone can see that you are more than fit, you've been causing quite a stir online and got folks saying damn! Damn! Damn! Over Gram and Facebook Land, what inspired you to take your fitness game to the next level and what’s it like staying natural and simply dedicated with diet and exercise especially working in several industries that are known to simply take the quick fix with the knife, surge, steroids, and silicone? I'm all natural to as well as in the same slim weight class so I know it can get tough at times.

A.L Beats:

Fitness wise I had a friend I started going to the gym with for about 2 months and we promised that we wouldn’t stop. After two months he left for the armed forces and I continued because I really wanted to change. From there I went to the gym 5 times a week and kept going for 4 years and didn't stop. Sometimes you may get discouraged but keep on going if you really want change!

NO TO STEROIDS!!! Everyone that I know that took steroids had to go to the doctor afraid that they’ve developed breast cancer. It messes up your hormonal balance and could lead to sickness .
Lynn Perry:  Yes I recently saw a story that chilled my bones to the core about a personal trainer who was using steroids for quite a few years as well as eating loads of carbs but in unhealthy choices and just very unhealthy and don’t quote me but he was I believe excessively training while trying to train like seven clients a day, He ended up getting cancer, He went holistic with his eating and health provider  and he  stopped the steroids and he did make a recovery remission, not soon after he started right back up with it again and the cancer returned horribly, the pictures of him on his deathbed chilled me to my bones, he was so frail and thin and just emaciated and destroyed, My college course of study  and instructors are really teaching me the ends and outs of all of this stuff for sure;  So  are you on a special diet,  are you still the guy whose going to have a slice(or a  few like me) of pizza,  No one can tell all their secrets but is there any special supplements or forms of protein you have really enjoyed and give the legit vow to in your health and fitness journey?

A.L. Beats:
Actually, I eat a big breakfast: Fruit, Juice, Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, potatoes

Lunch: I eat a salad for lunch 5 times a week

Dinner: Sandwich

Key: Drink a lot of water, Protein shake after a workout, allow yourself to cheat for 2 days or 1.

*Legal Disclaimer: Always consult with your physician before beginning an exercise or fitness program, IT is up to you to understand and know your own fitness level and any possible medical complications that may arise for you personally, By trying the below exercises you take legal responsibility upon yourself and or agree to modify accordingly if need be , I nor Antonial Barnes take legal responsibility for what may incur from trying out exercises  or engaging in this physical fitness program nor are we  licensed medical professionals, Always consult with your physician or health professional  first and work at your own fitness level and or modifications .

A.L. Beats:

Mon: Leg day, Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises (with weights,) Jump Rope, Treadmill and Leg Press, Leg Extension.
Tues: Chest Day & Abs, chest, Bench Press, Incline Press, Decline Press, Butterflies, Pushups,

Leg Extension.
Tues: Chest Day & Abs:, Bench Press, Incline Press, Decline Press, Butterflies, Pushups, Rows, Pull Ups
Thurs: Arms & Shoulders: Barbell Curls, Hammer Curls, Cable Curls, Triceps/Bench Dips, Lying Triceps Press, Triceps Pulldown (rope), Shoulders, Arnold Dumbbell Press, Decline Shoulder Raise, Front Dumbbell Raise, Shoulder Shrugs.
Fri: All Around/Full Body. Do a Little bit of everything!
Sat: If able I redo my chest day workout (since I want a bigger chest.)

Lynn Perry:  They def. should be able to work with that (chuckles), Also reader’s do not skip out on damn leg day, Ant has been working out a while so def. work your way up and have a rest day and flip the routine to work for you, switching gears back to music So who would you love to work with, I know you have great tastes in music for sure!; Who would you like to train with/Network fitness wise?

A.L. Beats:
Workout wise I would love to train with The Rock, Jay Cutler, Todd Sanfield, Tibo Norman, and Scott Cullens...

Music Wise:  OutKast,  Daft Punk,  Timbaland,  Pharell,  Kanye, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Zedd, Jennifer Hudson,  Kesha, Frank Ocean, T.I., One Republic, Lil Wayne, Chick Corea, Quincy Jones, Mark  Ronson, Dark Child, Swizz  Beatz...etc