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'Empire' News Round Up: Mariah Carey Preview & More

With Empire Season 3 premiere just around the corner (Sept. 21st!), the hit Fox series has been in the news a lot lately. The cast and crew have been dropping hints about the upcoming season in various news outlets and it'll get you even more excited for Empire's big premiere in September.

Are you struggling to keep up? Don't worry — we've got all the news you need right here so you won't fall behind when it comes to all the Empire talk among friends.

Here's what you need to know below.

First things first: The official Season 3 trailer is out (above).Mariah Carey is guest-starring on Empire as Kitty, a singer who works with Jamal and Cookie on a new duet. [TV Guide]Taye Diggs has been cast as Cookie's maybe love interest, because he's Taye Freakin' Diggs. He'll be playing a Barack Obama-inspired character named Angelo Dubois, a New York councilman with a Harvard law degree and a wealthy family background (sound familiar?). [Entertainment Weekly]P…

Is Julia Stiles Transgender?

AOL reports that playing Nicky Parson in the 2002 film, The Bourne Identity, changed Julia Stiles' life.  One thing that hasn't changed is the actress' gender.  Julia Stiles was born a female and is still a female.  She is not transgender.

While Julia's not a member of the LGBT community, the rumor provides the perfect opportunity for us to discuss recent threats against the LGBT community.  Inquisitr reports that Empire is leading the way in the growing number of television shows that include LGBT characters.  Despite the show's success recent incidents, which have occurred in West Hollywood, prove that the industry still has work to do.  The most serious incident was a bomb threat at the offices of Grindr, a gay dating app.

People have questioned Julia O'Hara Stiles' gender for a very long time.  The talented actress is 100% woman.  She was born a woman and is still a woman.  The rumor that she was born a man, started last year.  It's a lie, she's…

Is Grace VanderWaal Transgender?

Grace VanderWaal was born a female and is still a female.  She is not transgender.

Teen Vogue reports that the singer continues to make the competition look easy as she premieres new songs every time she performs.  "Light the Sky" was the song she introduced the world to on the August 30, 2016 episode of America's Got Talent.

She used her ukulele to perform the simple melody which showed off her beautiful voice.  There's nothing like uplifting lyrics delivered by a talented singer.  Fans of he show are predicting that the 12-year-old will win the competition.

Fox News reports that 12-year-old Grace VanderWaal is the ukulele sensation that will most likely win America's Got Talent this season.  There was recently a horrible rumor that she is transgender and it is untrue.  Grace was born a female and is still a female.  The senseless rumor will not impact how she performs in the contest as Simon Cowell has already proclaimed that she is the next Taylor Swift.


America's Got Talent Accident, Arrow Flaming Crossbow

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a video of the arrow accident.

Buddy TV reports that half of the America's Got Talent semifinal performances are complete and soon we'll find out who's in the season 11 finals.  This article will discuss one of this season's most unforgettable moments.

The Verge reports that Ryan Stock successfully completed his sword-swallowing trick before moving to the grand finale.  Stock swallowed yet another steel rod, which had a circular target on its end.  His fiancé, AmberLynn Walker, stood on a ladder and attempted to shoot the target but the arrow missed and hit Ryan's collarbone.  Luckily, he was not seriously injured.

We got used to Jon Dorenbos' magic tricks and Golden Buzzer performances on America's Got Talent.  We were surprised to see the arrow accident that took place on the show's most recent episode.  A sword swallower was shot in the neck by a flaming arrow, live on television.  I feel sorry for any young chi…

Jon Dorenbos Girlfriend

Jon Dorenbos continues to make his girlfriend, Annalise Dale proud.  She has to be impressed by his ability to juggle training camp and America's Got Talent.  We'll provide you with everything you need to know about Annalise later in the article.  First, let's discuss some of the magician's most recent tricks.
Fox Sports reports that close-up magician, Jon Dorenbos, amazed judges with his magic trick on Tuesday night.  The long snapper's tricks continue to get more intricate every time he appears on the show.  While he used cards the fist two times, the 36-year-old decided to use footballs and a huge map for his latest trick.

The Morning Call reports that he's currently the longest-tenured Philadelphia Eagle.  He's balancing training camp and the competition and doing a great job at it.  Check out his most recent trick:

Jonathan Paul Dorenbos is the Philadelphia Eagles' long snapper.  Rolling Stone explains that the football player impressed Ne-Yo with h…

Is Vivica Fox Dead?

A "R.I.P. Vivica A. Fox" Facebook page was created leading many people to believe that actress, Vivica Anjanetta Fox had died by suicide.  The claim is false, Fox did not take her own life in August 2016.  Instead, the beautiful diva has been sipping on the fountain of youth.  Hello Beautiful reports that she celebrated her 52nd birthday on July 30, 2016 and she looks better than ever.

According to Deadline the Indiana native has signed on to star in the movie Kinky from writer Jean Claude LaMarre, the writer/director of Chocolate City.  The movie has been described as a sex drama that will be positioned as counter programming to 50 Shades Darker.  Speaking of "50", Fox's past with 50 Cent found its way onto Empire as the rapper still can't accept the fact that the Fox series is a hit.

50 Cent's Power, is currently the number 1 series among adults 18-49.  Hopefully the show's success will convince the rapper that multiple television show can enjoy su…

Mario Van Peebles, Empire Director

Yahoo reports that actor, Mario Van Peebles is using his new indie film, If to shed some light on gun violence.  The 59-year-old wrote, directed and stars in the action-thriller, alongside a talented cast which includes: Ryan Guzman, Columbus Short, Lane Garrison, Jemma Dallebder, William Fichtner and Dionne Warwick.

Hollywood Reporter explains that the movie wrapper production earlier this month.  Van Peebles is the beautiful mind responsible for the 1991 film New Jack City.  The crime thriller was his directorial debut, introducing us to "the Carter" Nino Brown's (Wesley Snipes) apartment complex which the drug kingpin converts into a crack house.  Rapper, Lil' Wayne based the name of five of his albums on The Carter exemplifying just how powerful the film remains over two decades since its release.

Mario "Chip" Cain Van Peebles directed the "Die But Once" episode of Empire's first season.  The episode featured Lucious punching Hakeem in his f…

Jenelle Evans Snapchat Name

Scroll down to the Snapchat logo for Jenelle Evans' Snapchat name!

According to Us WeeklyTeen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans is determined to regain custody of her 7-year-old son, Jace.  Don't panic, Jace is currently is good hand.  Barbara Evans, Jace's grandmother, is his legal guardian.  The reality star gave up her custodial rights of her son because of her unstable living conditions at the time.  That was back in 2009 and she's no longer that immature 17-year-old! Hopefully Barbara will cooperate so Jace can reunite with his mom.

Us Weekly reports that she has confirmed that she is pregnant with her third child.  The 24-year-old Teen Mom 2 star has been on social media sharing how excited she is about having a girl.  The baby's father, David Eason, is already a dad to a daughter that he had in a previous relationship.  The couple have been posting beautiful pictures on Twitter and Instagram and we're guessing he'll put a ring on it soon!

According to People …

Nick Viall Snapchat Username, Top 10 Pics

E! News reports that Nick Viall has been revealed as the new Bachelor.  If he looks familiar it's because this is his fourth rodeo: He appeared on seasons 10 and 11 of The Bachelorette and season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise.  The show's creator, Mike Fleiss, announced the news on Twitter Tuesday, August 30.

Some viewers were disappointed with the decision because they thought Chase McNary or Luke Pell would be chosen.  Us Weekly explains that Viall is currently dating Jen Saviano on Bachelor in Paradise 3.  Ben Higgins appeared on After Paradise, via Skye, to wish Nick luck.  He advised him to buckle up because his life is about to change, big time.  To watch that transformation, make sure that you're following all of the new Bachelor's social media accounts.

Nick Viall's Snapchat username is Nick_Viall28:

Wetpaint explains that the decision shocked many of us because it spoiled the Bachelor in Paradise.  Practice makes perfect and the software salesman has had three…

Chris Brown, "Shots Fired"

I was listening to the radio and the host shouts "Chris Brown Shots Fired."  I immediately panicked because I knew there was a standoff at his house and these days anything is possible when it comes to encounters with police.  Then, the radio host started laughing and played Tank's 2013 single, "Shots Fired" featuring Chris Brown.

Free Breezy! We are praying for him and hope he will be able to overcome this horrible incident.  Star Tribune reports that the singer, whose real name is Christopher Maurice Brown, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after actress, Baylee Curran called the police and told them that the singer pointed a gun at her face.

According to Fox 13 the singer was transported to downtown Los Angeles after a 14-hour long standoff that was most likely planned.  The extended period of time gave the singer a chance to sober up and get rid of all the drugs.

Baylee Curran couldn't wait to appear on TMZ to share her side of …

Angel Brinks Baby Daddy

In episode 8 of Basketball Wives LA's fifth season, Angel Brinks and Jackie Christie had a major misunderstanding.  Jackie didn't like how one of Angel's dresses fit her so she told her that she would wear something different.  Angel got upset and persuaded Jackie to wear the dress that she designed.

Jackie agree to wear the dress designed by Brinks but its not ready on time.  When Jackie finally puts it on, the dress is way too tight, leading Jackie to act the fool at Brinks' event.  As Brandi Maxiell explained, Jackie's husband has to be around for her to act like she has sense.  Luckily, Angel Brinks' baby daddy doesn't have to be around for the talented fashion designer to act reasonable.

Here are some recent pictures of Angel's beautiful daughter:

StyleCaster explains that Angel Brinks is the talented designer that creates leggings and minidresses for celebrities like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna.  According to VH1 she's one of the returning cast m…

Is Khloe Kardashian Dead Or Alive?

News of television personality Khloe Alexandria Kardashian's death spread rapidly today on Facebook.  However the rumor has been confirmed as another celebrity death hoax.  Khloe Kardashian is alive, not dead.  Bravo reports that she's the leader of the revenge body movement.  A revenge body is the best way to get over a breakup.

The weather is beautiful leading more people to pursue a revenge body after a breakup.  Kourtney and Khloe have provided the revenge body blueprint.  Kourtney didn't waste any time dwelling on her divorce from her ex-husband, Scott Disick, instead she used the split as incentive to get in shape.

Khloe's breakups have been plentiful as she can't seem to find Mr. Right.  Her ex-husband, Lamar Odom was nothing but trouble and we're glad she got rid of him.  James Harden and French Montana didn't end up working out but the 32-year-old turned lemons into lemonade by prioritizing her fitness, losing weight and reminding her former lovers…

Jillian Barberie Net Worth, Chris Brown's Neighbor

Net Worth
$7 million


Source of Wealth
Actress, Television Hostess

Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA

Canadian (by birth), American (naturalized)

Marital Status


Broadcast Journalism, Mohawk College

USA Today reports that Los Angeles police waited outside Chris Brown's house for hours before finally obtaining a search warrant.  At 3 AM on Tuesday morning, the singer's neighbors began to complain about helicopters circling his home.  One of those neighbors was actress, Jillian Marie Barberie.

Barberie is currently a co-host on Mid-Day LA and was desperately trying to get some rest.  According to The Washington Post helicopter footage showed the LAPD outside the singer's house, waiting for a judge to approve a search warrant.  Jillian wasn't happy about the noise as proven by the following tweet.

Chris Brown has some explaining to do and he could end up in jail for the incident.  Tarzana is a neighborhood that was built on land once o…

Who Wrote Jealous By Beyonce?

If you're watching Love and Hip Hop Hollywood's "For the Love of Money" episode, then you just met Lyrica Anderson and her fiancé, Floyd "A1" Bentley.  Anderson explains that she wrote Beyoncé's 2013 song, "Jealous" and she wasn't lying.  Lyrica teamed up with numerous other writers to compose to amazing track: Noel Fisher (Detail), Jordan Asher (Boots), Andre Eric Proctor, Brian Soko and Rasool Diaz.

Anderson was nominated for a Grammy for Album of the Year with the song appearing on the singer's self-titled album.  Beyoncé is one of the many talented artists Anderson has worked with.  She has also collaborated with French Montana, Diddy and Chris Brown.  We love her because she is actually part of the family!

Empire's music wouldn't be half as good if it wasn't for Timothy Zachery "Timbaland" Mosley, the show's executive music producer.  Not many people know that the Virginia native launched the record label,…

Is Scottie Nell Hughes Transgender?

Scottie Nell Hughes was born a female and is still a female.  She is not transgender.

Raw Story reports that political commentator, Angela Rye, called out Donald Trump, supporter, Scottie Nell Hughes, for using the wrong choice of words while arguing for Trump.  Scottie was discussing Trump's ability to improve black communities when she referred to African Americans as "those people."  Rae warned Scottie to choose more appropriate language when discussing the issue.

Daily Caller reports that Ann Coulter recently held her launch party for her new book In Trump We Trust.  In the book she makes her case as to why we should join the Republican Party nominee's revolution.  Donald Trump surrogate, Scottie Nell Hughes, was one of the people seen at the event.

According to Raw Story Scottie argues that Trump sacrificed his first two marriages because he's a job creator.  This is an important point considering the fact that he was recently endorsed by pastor, Creflo Dollar