Jesse And Brian From Catfish Update

Internet relationships are complicated.  MTV's show Catfish teaches us not to believe everything we see online.  The person we fall in love with via social media may not be who they claim to be.  Jesse and Brian were featured on the MTV show Catfish back in 2008.  The digital lovebirds met on Facebook and had been chatting online for over three years.

The Catfishee is from Wallingford, PA and was 22-years-old when the show aired.  At the time, she didn't have a job and was living with her parents.

Brian's a former Marine and the Catfishee was super excited about finally meeting him in person.  The two made plans to finally meet in person but Brian pulls a no show and stops answering phone calls.

Jesse And Brian From Catfish Update
Jesse And Brian From Catfish Update

She was pissed.  The next day she demanded an explanation.  Unlike a majority of the people featured on the show, these two were being honest with each other.  The former Marine didn't show up because he got arrested for possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

He got caught with a sawed off shot gun which is categorized a WMD in some states.  The former Marine found himself in more trouble a few years after the show.  He was arrested after police search his car and found cocaine and prescription drugs that were not in a prescription bottle.

Sadly the relationship didn't work out.  Both claim that the relationship was great online but could never work in reality.

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