Is John Cena Dead?

Bleacher Report explains that wrestler, John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. is slowly but surely morphing into a special attraction rather than the wrestling workhorse that he has been for the past ten years.  Similar to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, outside ventures have continued to pull him away from the ring.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the West Newbury, Massachusetts native’s show, American Grit, has been renewed by Fox for a second season.  The wrestler helps people discover their inner strength and transform their lives on the competition series.  That’s great but it’s his life that we’re worried about: Is John Cena dead?
Is John Cena Dead?
Is John Cena Dead?
A recent article explained that the actor passed away in a car crash on Route 80.  According to the story, the 39-year-old died at the scene.  Paramedics identified him by a photo ID found on his body.  He was located between Morristown and Roswell in a friend’s car.

There’s only one problem with the rumor: It is completely false.  I woke up to the news the other day and believed it.  Luckily, my brother found out that the rumor was created by a satire website.  John Cena is alive and well! Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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