Chris From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Monday, July 18, 2016
VH1 reports that Mimi Faust's ex-girlfriend, Chris Gould, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  She's from Bankhead and is currently a personal injury paralegal.  At one point, she thought she wanted to be a lawyer but now music is her primary focus.  She met Mimi while she was out at a club.  Faust actually made the initial move, pulling Gould to the side and telling her that she looked intriguing.

According to Wetpaint, Gould actually identifies as a male in a female body and prefers male pronouns.  Once he finds out that Mimi let Stevie J stay with her, the Atlanta-native calls it quits.  That all changed, thanks to the most recent episode.

Chris From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Chris From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

In episode 15, "Heart to Heart" we see Mimi treat Gould the way that Stevie has treated Mimi.  She plays Gould and I have finally stopped feeling sorry for Mimi.  After Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's first few seasons I got tired of seeing Mimi get treated like trash.

The truth is, Stevie J might have destroyed Mimi.  Chris made his love obvious yet Mimi may be so accustomed to hate that she doesn't know how to accept love.  A few episodes back, Mimi tells Stevie that he has caused some damage that can never be repaired.  We just witnessed exactly what she was describing.

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