Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ariel Winter Snapchat Name

E! Online reports that actress, Ariel Winter Workman, has been posting some very revealing pics on social media lately.  According to Maxim, the Los Angeles native flashed major cleavage in a recent Snap story that showed her getting glammed up in a makeup chair.  Trending is not the word.  Some are calling her the new Kim Kardashian.

More cleavage was shown in a video she posted later that day.  She was dancing in a cab and it was impossible to take your eyes off her.  She's what Kim used to be and what the Jenner girls wish they were.  It's hard to explain.  She's just got that natural gift that keeps us begging for more! Ariel Winter's Snapchat name is Winter.Ariel:

Ariel Winter Snapchat Name
Ariel Winter Snapchat Name

She's even sexy when she's mad.  According to TMZ, the very single actress recently called out Paulee's Body Shop for taking months to repair her Mercedes G-Wagon.  She used her Instagram account to warn her followers not to do business with the repair shop because they're rude and slow.

Before And After

  • The actress thought her breasts were too big and suffered in silence for years
  • She's only 5 ft tall so having large breasts can be extremely painful
  • She hated dressing for red carpets and was saddened by the comments people made about her wardrobe
  • Shorty after becoming an emancipated minor she underwent breast reduction surgery

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