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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
In Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's most recent episode Ariane Davis meets up with D. Smith to work on music.  The Grammy Award-winning producer shows up with a vocal coach.  Davis has big dreams for her future as a singer.  The vocal coach has Davis sing for her.  Davis is discouraged, explaining that she wants someone to take her dream serious.

Davis feels like Smith brought her there for a music lesson.  Smith tells Davis that she can't just wake up one day and demand a studio session.  You have to put in hard work and be dedicated.  Smith's skepticism upsets Davis.

Later in the episode Davis meets up with K. Michelle and tells K about her meeting with Smith.  K. Michelle echoes D. Smith's message explaining to Davis that it is strange for a person to come out one day and reveal that they want to be a singer.

Ariane Love And Hip Hop Singing
Ariane Love And Hip Hop Singing

Davis explains to K. Michelle that she has actually dreamed of becoming a singer her entire life but she was forced to put her dream on hold because of her family.  K. Michelle offers Davis an internship, allowing her to follow her while she works on her new album.

Ariane accepts K. Michelle's offer.  It's great to see successful singers and producers protect the industry.  They know how hard they had to work to achieve their success and they do not appreciate newcomers with entitled attitudes.

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