Monday, June 20, 2016

What Does Verified On Tinder Mean?

AV Club reports that Tinder introduced verified profiles, making it easier to be rejected by celebrities.  The app initially required a Facebook account but the company recently updated that policy.  Many celebrities do not have personal Facebook accounts so Tinder added another route for those individuals to acquire accounts.

The verification system enables celebrities to create accounts in a new way.  Mobile dating became popular about five years ago.  In 2012, it surpassed online dating.  Vanity Fair reports that people love using the app because it turns their phones into a never-ending singles club.

What Does Verified On Tinder Mean?
What Does Verified On Tinder Mean?

According to Engadget, to get verified you have to send an email to simply explaining why you're worthy.  One way to do this is by showing that you've been given the same treatment on Instagram or Twitter.

The company explains that you must be a notable public figure in order to receive the blue check.  Entertainers, celebrities and athletes were mentioned as examples.  The dating app further explains that it's reviewing verification requests on a case-by-case basis.

Watch out social media users! Cyberbullying is getting more and more serious everyday and authorities are doing something about it.  Mic reports that an Australian man recently pled guilty to sexist online harassment on the app.

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