What Does I Put Out Mean?

What Does I Put Out Mean?

Similar to the way that the Empire TV show bridged the gap between blacks and television shows, this website's goal is to provide value.  In a hilarious conversation with my grandfather, I came to the realization that there are common terms that many of us aren't familiar with.

Putting out means to be willing to have sexual intercourse.  Empire provides far too many examples, including everyone's favorite:

What Does I Put Out Mean?
What Does I Put Out Mean?

While the term traditionally refers to a female being willing to have sex with a male, times have changed.  Ryan Morgan's willingness to be with Jamal in the show's first season provides a concrete example of this.

Hakeem has also provided numerous examples of putting out.  The youngest Lyon brother has hooked up with Camilla, Valentina, Anika and of course Laura.  We know exactly where he gets it from: Lucious Lyon.

The King of the Lyon Jungle almost hooked up with Harper Scott before he opted to get rid of her instead.  Then there was that random woman in his bed when Thirsty woke him up to warn him that the Feds were coming.

One Lyon brother who has stopped putting out is Andre.  While we watched him hook up with the District Attorney in the show's first season, Cookie and Lucious' oldest son has been faithful to Rhonda ever since.