GQ Kim Kardashian Photoshoot [Infographic]

GQ Kim Kardashian Photoshoot

Kim Kardashian is featured on GQ magazine's 10th-anniversary Love, Sex and Madness issue.  The reality star showed off a number of jaw-dropping looks in the sexy photoshoot.  You gotta love her post-baby body.

When Mrs. West is running the world, she's being a great mother.  It's difficult to believe that North West turned 3-years-old on June 15, 2016.  Kim made North promise her to stop growing up.  The supermodel even advised her little one not to eat her veggies because she wants her to stay really small.

We're sure that North will as confident as her mother.  Kim understands that nudity is human form reduced to its purest and most natural state: Uncensored and untamed.  Elle explains that Kardashian posted numerous nude photos before her infamous black bar selfie.

We're certain that the haters will have a mouthful.  At a time when social media is shattering the confidence of little girls around the world, Kim makes it acceptable to be proud of your body.  Although she's a supermodel, there are parts of her body that she's not happy with.  While some dwell on their flaws, Kim embraces them.

Be proud of your body.  Don't starve yourself in an attempt to be thin.  You may not be perfect but you're beautiful!

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