When I saw him(A poem about Jussie) By:Lynn B. Perry

When I saw him

    By: Lynn B.Perry




   When I saw him

   I saw myself

  He was the manifestation of my dreams

  The way maker upon Earth I prayed for

  With his words   ,he washed away the sting of Hatred

  With his actions, he awakened and re-ignited the dreams

  In me

  And with every note and every step of his dance he brought

  Me joy

  With his smile, he soothed me

  With his march and the raise of his fist in Black Power

  In love

  In equality

  He opened doors for me

  His skin was red

  His aura was golden

  His dimples indented beauty

  Voice of the clouds

  Notes of an angel

  As I looked upon the earth I could find no other nor did

  I want to

 For he'd ushered in the change I wanted to see

 He reinvigorated me

 The essence returned for he was a reflection and

 Part of like soul frequency

 Familiar sphere

 And I could not nor cared to look at another

 In friendship

 In brotherhood

 In like cause

 In like mindedness