Friday, October 14, 2016

Songs From Empire Season 3

Check out Tiana Brown's new song "Me" her response to Hakeem's diss track:

Nessa is making sure no one's sleeping with her new hit, "Woke":

Jamal Lyon is slowly but surely returning to his old self.  He recently released his new song, "I Am Who I Am":

Mariah Carey and Jussie Smollett teamed up on the track "Infamous" which will be performed in the third episode of season 3 "What Remains Is Bestial":

Check out Yazz and Serayah's new song "The Clap Back":

Serayah teamed up with her new love interest, Gram on the track "Love Long Time":

Biz Markie performed his hit, "Just A Friend" in "Sin That Amends":

Ezri Walker's character, Zeah, just released the track "Watch Out":

Yazz and Sierra McClain teamed up for the song "Remember My Name":

From "Need Freedom" to "Factz" the songs on Empire season 3 have already been amazing.  Sierra McClain of the McClain Sisters, is the show's newest star and she has a beautiful voice.  While "Need Freedom is Jussie Smollett's song, Sierra, who plays Nessa on the series, did a wonderful job performing it in the show's first episode of season 3.

"Need Freedom" is a song Jamal wrote for Freda Gatz.  Although she shot Jamal in the show's second season, Jamal knows that it was Lucious' fault.  The following three videos are different versions of "Need Freedom":

Empire Season 3 Songs
Empire Season 3 Songs

The video below shows Jamal's rehearsal:

Here's Hakeem's new song "Factz":

Song From Empire Season 3
Song From Empire Season 3
We know it's not Season 3 quite yet but the show's most recent hit songs deserve a category of their own...Empire, let us upgrade ya!

Songs From Empire Season 3
Songs From Empire Season 3
If you ended up here you probably just saw Empire's most recent episode, "The Lyon Who Cried Wolf".  The unforgettable song you're looking for is "Chasing The Sky":

It's rare for 3 Lyons to join forces on the same track but we aren't complaining! In the following video Jussie Smollett shares some information on the song "Chasing The Sky" by him, Terrence Howard and Yazz:

Yazz, Serayah, Jamila Velazquez and Yo Gotti recently teamed up to deliver the "All Nite" Remix:

In the brilliant words of Hakeem "Your honor, you can blame it on Tiana".  Serayah McNeill upgraded her music on this season of Empire.  The following video show her perform "Body Speak":

If "Body Speak" doesn't do it for ya we're sure that "Look But Don't Touch" will.  It's great to see Serayah evolving into a star:

The beef between Tiana and Laura have some fans of the show supporting Hakeem's new wifey by any means necessary.  Check out Menage a Trois perform "Mimosa":

Who can forget their hit song "Crown":

If there's one Empire star that can't be ignored when it comes to the show's music it's Jussie Smollett.  "Good People" is arguably the season's best song:

It's all good when it comes to Jamal.  The talented singer didn't stop there.  The "Good Enough" remix is yet another classic track:

Hakeem's talent also speaks for itself.  Check out him performing "Got That Work":

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