Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rima From BGC On Empire

Rima from Bad Girls Club made an appearance on Black Ink Crew: Chicago season 2, episode 3.  The episode was titled "99.999998%" and she goes on a date with Ryan.  I definitely didn't see this one coming.  Ryan is the owner of 9Mag and Rima, whose real name is Rimanelli Mellai appeared on season 9 of Bad Girls Club.

Similar to Ryan, Rima represents Chicago.  The date went horrible and we're glad because their personalities definitely don't match.  Ryan basically told her that he doesn't have time for a girlfriend.
Rima From BGC On Empire
Rima From BGC On Empire

Who can forget Empire's first season!? Before Jamal was getting shot and Lucious was lying about his mother, we were hoping Hakeem and Tiana would be what Hakeem and Laura have become.

Rima On Empire
Rima On Empire
While we didn't get our wish, the duo dropped the unforgettable song, Drip Drop.  The song's visual featured everyone's favorite Bad Girl, Rima.  She explains that she was lucky enough to spend three days on set.  When the episode aired, her phone didn't stop ringing.

The show provides a unique opportunity for rising stars who want to take their careers to the next level.  She posted the following image via Instagram on the second day she spent on the set:

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Who can forget the scene below, which shows Rima v. Erika:

The reality star played a dancer on the show and reminds us that we can be on Empire! She explains that her appearance was random.  One of her friends told her about the role, she showed up and landed the part!

International Business Times reports that Bad Girls Club is currently in its 15th season and is badder than ever!  Unlike past seasons, the girls have developed a majority group and ousted the originals.  We'd love to see additional Bad Girls on the show!

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