I mean I'm a goofball but if you hear me out sometimes you WOULD KNOW where I'm coming from... It doesn't matter if your and adult or not. A teenager could've may have experience more things then you have. You don't have to know everything just because you are an ADULT. Teenagers can know more than you with just a matter. It can be because we smart, we witnessed, and we were once told so the adult matter shouldn't be an excuse. I want yall to imagine being like an 8 years old walking out the store with a car full of people and a driver pointing a gun at you. Well, I witnessed that shit cuz it happened to me. I want people to hear my stories and what I have to say. I'm not saying it for nothing. I have dreams also. Just because your untalented ass not trying to make it out. Don't stop me from trying. Cuz I'm going to keep going for it no matter how hard it is. No matter if you listen or not. As long as I have the big man up above, ion need nobody. FAILURE IS NOT A OPTION IN MY BOOK ! 😡✌🏾️