Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Leuh Catfish Instagram

Her username is @mylifeasleuh via IG yet her account is private.

Leuh Catfish Instagram
Leuh Catfish Instagram
Check out a recent tweet from the care free reality star whose Twitter handle is @Mylifeasleuh

Justin's IG handle is j_croom yet it's private.  His Snapchat username is +JustinCroom

Justin Croom Snapchat
Justin Croom Snapchat
Leuh and Justin from Catfish met on Instagram.  MTV reports that the couple was considering marriage.

This would make them the first couple on the show to walk down the aisle.  Lauren and Derek became engaged before they decided they broke up.

Catfish is a MTV reality show.  The series is about the truths and lies of online dating.  Check out the following video where Nev and Max help her track down her boyfriend:

Leuh contacted the show because she wanted to meet the perfect guy.  She chose her college based on Justin's location.  the 19-year-old wanted to be closer to him.

The typical couple on the show is not able to overcome the lies that were told.  Lying on social media is the norm.  Social media is seen as a fantasy environment where lying is accepted on a regular basis.

Do you think the couple will be able to establish a new standard for social media relationships?  Did you meet your significant other using a social network?

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