Is Bruno From Dancing With The Stars Gay?

Bruno Tonioli is a judge on ABC's Dancing With The Stars.  Tonioli is gay and his partner is Jason Schanne.  Tonioli and Schanne had a commitment ceremony after the 14th season of the show.

Is Bruno From Dancing With The Stars Gay?
Is Bruno From Dancing With The Stars Gay?
Numerous stars attended the commitment ceremony, including Perez Hilton, Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek.  Tonioli explains that he grew up in a Catholic household and he never brought any girls over.  He believes that his parents were aware of his sexual orientation at an early age but they never discusses it.

We love Tonioli! Remember when Strictly Come Dancing was forced to apologize for Tonioli's foul mouth.  This came after the 60-year-old described Jay McGuiness's performance as "bull's b****s".

In the following video, the Italian dancer discusses his career and his support of the FSCS Protecting Your Future Campaign:

The video below shows Tonioli hand his phone over to Michael McIntyre for a game of Send It All:

Back in 2005, Tonioli dated a man named Paul.  The two enjoyed a relationship that lasted a few decades but they eventually parted ways.  Tonioli explains that he doesn’t sleep in the same bed as his partners because he likes having his own space.  Mirror reports that he was only gay in his own village and humor helped him beat his bullies.

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