Does Rhonda Die On Empire?

Does Rhonda Die On Empire?

Entertainment Weekly explains that Rhonda loses it after Lucious doesn't believe that Anika pushed her.  The show's second season has left us worrying about Rhonda on multiple occasions.  

First, she is pushed down the stairs on the show's midseason finale.  Now, the bib-wearing beauty may have fallen over a ledge thanks to Boo Boo Kitty.  It comes down to what the show can do without: A baby or Andre's wifey?

Does Rhonda Die On Empire?
Does Rhonda Die On Empire?

Fox's hip-hop series isn't too child-friendly so we don't think they would mind killing off yet another unborn Lyon.  We are convinced that Lola's appearances are limited because she doesn't need to be around the show's adult-content.

Anika having a baby would mean that the show would be forced to add a baby to the cast.  While we all love little ones, it's far too difficult to add one to a TV show that will most likely be around for the next decade.

A parent, in real-life, would essentially have to give their newborn to Cookie and Lucious and let the two perfect parents raise the little one until he or she is about 10 years old.  

Deadline interviewed the show's executive producer, Ilene Chaiken, who refused to disclose which character fell over the ledge.  It looks like we'll be wondering which character fell until the show's third season.  Just in case it's Rhonda, let's take a look at Kaitlin Doubleday's Top 10 Instagram Pics to celebrate her time on the show:

10. He loves her because she Ride or Die.

9. All white everything!

8. She never stops working.

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7. They were gonna have a baby but they have an Angel instead.

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6. When she joins TRACE for funny selfies.

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5. When she joins TRACE for last shots.

4. Who knew her and Andre were Lakers fans.

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3. When these two were BFFs.

2. When even she's wondering #WhoPushedRhonda!

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1. Kaitlin + Jussie + Taraji