Thursday, May 19, 2016

Andre From Empire Singing

Scroll to the Instagram video to hear Andre from Empire singing!

The first season of Fox's record-breaking hip-hop drama series showed us how talented Trai Byers was as an actor.  We instantly fell in love with the character as we watched him struggle through depression.

Andre From Empire Singing
Andre From Empire Singing

It's difficult for Andre to get the attention he deserves with Lucious, Jamal and Hakeem being music sensations and Cookie being sensational period.  Many fans of the show don't know that Trai has a beautiful voice!

The following video shows him performing Stevie Wonder's "Lately":

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The show's season 2 finale just aired but we already miss Trai Byers! Let's take a look at his Top 10 Instagram pics to celebrate how wonderful he is!

10. When he's rocking the beard.

9. When he's in mean mug mode.

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8. When him and Grace go Bonnie and Clyde.

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7. When he's taking selfies with Hakeem.

6. When he's having sweet dream.

5. When he's in The Golden State.

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4. Cookie and Lucious' 3 Lyons.

3. When he's ready to throw down.

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2. When him and Rhonda were surprised to see us.

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1. When he puts a ring on it.

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