Why Is Michael Strahan So Popular?

Why Is Michael Strahan So Popular?

TMZ reports that Andy Cohen took a stand for his friend Kelly Ripa by calling out Michael Strahan.  Cohen explains that Mike should have considered how many hosts he would have to compete with on Good Morning America.  On Live! With Kelly and Michael, Strahan was receiving much more spotlight than he will receive on GMA.
Why Is Michael Strahan So Popular?
Why Is Michael Strahan So Popular?
Cohen’s words remind you how much we all love Strahan.  While Andy may sound like a hater, it’s because he’s sad to see him go.  Many of us can’t imagine the show without him.  Whoever replaces the form New York Giant football player has his work cut out for because Mike’s a hard act to follow.  Here are 10 moments that made us fall in love with Strahan:
10. When he worked out with Floyd Mayweather.
9. When he gets emotional about Derek Jeter’s last home game.
8. When Hayden scares him out his seat.
7. When Nicole Murphy reveals his secrets.
6. He isn’t scared to battle rap.  Who can forget when John Cena destroyed him!?
5. When Taraji P. Henson challenges him to push-ups.
4. When he challenges Holly Holm.
3. When he visited the set of Magic Mike XXL.
2. When he arm-wrestles John Cena.
1. When he gets flipped by Ronda Rousey.


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