Did you know this fact? 🔫 In one of the most powerful scenes in any episode of Empire, Andre Lyon, played by Trai Byers, has a mental breakdown, puts a gun to his head, and pulls the trigger. That insanely intense moment wouldn’t have happened without prodding of Byers, who convinced co-creator, Danny Strong, that the trigger had to be pulled. In an interview with MTV News, Byers revealed, “I asked Danny [Strong] — because they don’t let you do this kind of stuff on primetime television — if Andre could pull the trigger. I needed to pull that trigger; we needed to show that Andre was way past his limits. And given what was happening with his disorder and his family and feeling left out, he needed to not be a coward about this and pull that trigger. And Danny went with it with me, and thank god Fox allowed it, because it really helped set up Andre’s breakdown.” _____________ { #empirefox#empire#fox#empireserie#traibyers#andrelyon#lyondynasty }