Toni Braxton And Birdman - Top 3 Most Adorable Moments

Toni Braxton discusses her relationship with Brian Williams aka "Birdman" on a recent episode of Braxton Family Values.  Braxton explains that she's dealing with anxiety because she's scared to be happy.  I have been there.  You get to a point where you've been through so many horrible relationship and you get scared when you finally find Mr. or Ms. Right.

Braxton explains that her work has been the only thing that brings her happiness.  She says she feels great when she's performing.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to see her discuss her relationship with Birdman.  The couple has been dating for years and they're finally opening up about their relationship.  Check out 3 of their most adorable moments:

3. When he's her shoulder to lean on:

2. When she's following his lead:

1. When he spends quality time with his future mother-in-law:

Birdman doesn't seem like the relationship type.  Like Braxton, the Cash Money founder and CEO h…

Quavo Snapchat Name - Migos, Offset, Takeoff

Scroll to the Snapcode below for Quavo's Snapchat name! Keep scrolling for each member of the Migos' Snapchat name.

Soulja Boy called Quavo to let him know that he wants to fight him one-on-one.  Quavo didn't answer but Soulja Boy left him a voicemail him a message demanding for the rapper to answer his phone.  Soulja Boy shared the conversation live on Periscope.  After being fired from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Soulja Boy will do anything for attention.

Soulja Boy was fired from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood for threatening his ex-girlfriend, Nia Riley with a gun on social media.  The rapper's team tried to clean up his mess by explaining that the gun was fake but VH1 decided to part ways with the rapper.  Make sure you're following Quavo's social media accounts.

Quavo's Snapchat name is YrnMigosYrn:

Offset's Snapchat name is OffsetYrn:

Takeoff's Snapchat name is BackToTheBando1:

Soulja Boy is being reckless, as usual.  The rapper reminded his followe…

Waka Flocka Brother - Brandon Barnes

Waka Flocka's brother, Brandon Barnes was seen on the first episode of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta.  His mother, Deb Antney was also seen on the episode.  You've probably heard about Waka Flocka's other brother, KayO Redd.  Sadly, he committed suicide in 2013.  Barnes is 26 and he's Waka's younger brother.

On Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta we see Barnes working with T.I.'s stepdaughter, Zonnique Pullins.  He's giving her voice lessons but she's being rude.  The episode was filmed when Lil Wayne made his #BlackLivesMatter comments.  Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter, is also on the series.  She's telling Zonnique about the #BlackLivesMatter situation while Brandon is giving Zonnique voice lessons.

Brandon gets upset because Zonnique's phone won't stop ringing.  He feels disrespected.  Zonnique then cuts their session short so she can meet up with Reginae.  Brandon is very upset with Zonnique at Bow Wow's listening party but he plays it cool …

Unblock Someone Instagram - User Not Found 2017

If you're trying to unblock someone on Instagram and you're probably receiving the "user not found" message.  To unblock certain Instagram users, you have to type their username into the app's search bar to access their profile.  Make sure you type the person's full username.  Keep reading for additional Instagram news.

Donald Trump is a Twitter user but there's one person he'll most likely block on Instagram.  Barack Obama's White House photographer, Pete Souza, has been trolling the Trumps' failed attempts to hold hands.  Scroll down to see Pete's hilarious Instagram post.  Melania Trump doesn't do hand holding.  We're guessing the couple will divorce soon.

Dear Mr. President,

This is how you hold hands:

Holding hands. A post shared by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on May 23, 2017 at 7:53am PDT
You have to love the Obamas.  Souza's unforgettable pictures of the couple have been shared on his page along with the Obama White House acc…

Richard Jefferson Snapchat Name

Scroll to the Snapcode for Richard Jefferson's Snapchat name!

Richard Jefferson is a legend on Snapchat.  LeBron James was surprised that Jefferson was able to get his phone from the locker room after Cleveland's win against the Boston Celtics.  James stays away from social media during the playoffs but Jefferson does the exact opposite.  Check out the video below:

You must add Richard Jefferson on Snapchat. 😂 — 4 More Wins. (@LeKingJames23) May 26, 2017
Cleveland Cavaliers small forward, Richard Allen Jefferson, recently announced that he is not retiring.  CBS reports that the 36-year-old initially announced that he was retiring after the team won the 2016 NBA Championship.  Unlike Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant, the NBA veteran isn't quite ready to call it quits.

According to Slam, the Los Angeles native signed a two-year deal for $5 million.  We guess it's difficult to say goodbye to that type of money to play the sport that you love.  Richard…

What Did Charlamagne Say About Ebro? - Beef

Ebro Darden and Charlamagne Tha God's beef has resurfaced.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear Ebro's response.  Charlamagne went on Joe Budden's podcast and revealed that Ebro wanted to take a selfie with him.  Charlamagne and Ebro are both too sensitive.  They both insult people all day and then get upset when they get called out.

Nessa asked Charlamagne to take a selfie with Ebro In the video at the end of this article, Ebro cops a plea.  He gets Nessa to say that she asked him to take a selfie with Charlamagne.  The beef started after Charlamagne went on Tomi Lahren's.  Ebro called Charlamagne out for being a coon.  Charlamagne made a joke about his appearance on the show that Ebro didn't approve of.

Nessa and NFL player, Colin Kaepernick started that Know Your Rights Camp.  They had an event and Nessa wanted to invite Charlamagne.  She asked Ebro if that was cool and Ebro said it was fine.  Nessa has a positive relationship with Charlamagne…

Laura Govan Kids, Wiki - Iyanla Fix My Life

Laura Govan has four children.  The father of all four of her children is former NBA superstar, Gilbert Arenas.  Laura and Gilbert have two daughters, Izela and Hamiley and two sons, Alijah and Alooni.  The videos below show Laura's appearance on Iyanla Fix My Life.  Vanzant discovers Laura's pattern of fighting back.

You most likely remember Laura from Basketball Wives.  Laura's sister, Gloria Govan, was a member of the first season's main cast.  Gloria ex-husband, Matt Barnes, plays for the Golden State Warriors.  Gloria is now dating former NBA player, Derek Fisher.  Laura first appeared on Basketball Wives after she delivered her fourth child.

Laura weighed 230 pounds during the first season of Basketball Wives.  She was insulted on social media about her weight.  The reality star weighed 117 pounds before she had any babies.

In the video above, Laura discusses her relationship with Gilbert Arenas.  She explains that she was on Basketball Wives for two years.  Iyan…

When Cookie Met Lucious

Check out "When Cookie Met Lucious" on Pepsi's Facebook page.  The season 3 finale of Empire was amazing.  Cookie and Lucious are finally back on the same page.  Sadly, Andre set Lucious up and Cookie may have been involved.  Lucious is now in a coma.  Scroll down to hear some of the amazing songs from Empire's "Toil and Trouble Part 2" episode.

The season 3 finale ends with Lucious in a coma.  Demi Moore plays his doctor.  Cookie flips on her for the treatment methods she uses on the Empire Entertainment CEO.  Some things never change.  Cookie and Lucious have been in love since season 1 and they've both been crazy since Hustle and Flow!

Check out Jamal's unforgettable performance of "Mama":

What did you think about "When Cookie Met Lucious"? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

The following video shows Lucious perform "Dream On With You":

Is Terrell Carter Gay?

Yes, Terrell Carter is gay.  The amazing actor and singer was seen in the "Toil and Trouble Part 2" episode of Empire.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear Terrell's version of "Born To Love U." He sings the song to Jussie Smollett aka Jamal Lyon.  In 2009, Carter's ex-boyfriend outed him.

Terrell plays Warren Hall on Empire but that could be a fake name.  He's actually Angelo's brother and he has a twin sister.  Angelo and his family are seeking revenge on the Lyons.  Angelo's mother has baby Bella and they convinced Anika to turn her back on the Lyon family.  Anika has more serious problems to worry about.  Lucious' mother framed her.  The police think Anika murdered Tariq.

You most likely remember Terrell from the 2005 movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman.  He played Reverend Carter in the movie.  In 2008, Terrell dated actor, Christian Vincent.  In 2014, Carter appeared in Think Like A Man Too.  His Empire co-star, Taraji…

Tammy Rivera Baby Daddy - Charlie Rivera's Real Father

Scroll down to see a picture of Tammy Rivera's baby father.  The following screenshot shows Tammy airing people out for disrespecting her husband, Waka Flocka.  Tammy explains that Waka has been her daughter, Charlie's father figure since Charlie was 4-years-old.  Tammy says that more than one father is an amazing thing.

I don't think Tammy should say anything else about this situation.  Scroll through the following post to see what's going on.  I feel sorry for Charlie.  She has two grown men fighting to be her father.

(Swipe for more): #TammyRivera defends #WakaFlocka for being a father figure in her daughter's life as she congratulates her on graduating the 5th grade. Congratulations! A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on May 24, 2017 at 2:20pm PDT
We all know that Waka Flocka is a proud and doting stepdad of Tammy Rivera's pre-teen daughter. Waka Flocka has been there to watch Charlie Rivera grow up in front of his very eyes. But Tammy Rivera n…