Fameolous Kevin Hart Video - Deleted

The Kevin Hart video was on Fameolous but it has been deleted.  You know you have serious money when your PR team can make content disappear.  Hart's lawyers are working hard to make sure the video doesn't do too much damage.  I think this is the wrong approach.  We fell in love with Kevin because of his honesty but now he's being shady.

Kevin Hart cheated on his new wife, Eniko Parrish and his ex-wife, Torrei Hart knew he would.  People think that Kevin knew this scandal was coming so he donated to Houston to try to save his image.  Hart has admitted to cheating in the past but since then he has presented himself as a perfect family man.

While cheating is still frowned upon, more couples are recovering and moving passed it.  Beyonce is one of the most popular singers in the world and she forgave Jay Z for cheating.  We don't know if Beyonce was pregnant when Jay cheated on her.  Multiple media outlets report that Eniko was pregnant when Kevin decided to cheat.

i don…

Brooke Valentine, Daniel Gibson, Marcus Black - Love Triangle

Brooke Valentine's revenge on Marcus Black is going too far.  In Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 4, episode 10, "Musical Chairs" Valentine almost gets in a fight with Hazel E over Daniel "Boobie" Gibson.  In the previews for the next episode of #LHHH we finally see Brooke coming to her senses.

Marcus did Brooke wrong but she's still in love with him.  Instead of forgiving him and moving on she is making a fool of herself.  Boobie is a cheater just like Marcus so Brooke should leave the former NBA star alone.  Comedian, Kevin Hart, recently proved that once you're a cheater, you're always a cheater.

The following tweet explains that Boobie still wants Keyshia and I don't blame him! Keyshia is reminding the world why we fell in love with her.  She has a great personality and she's gorgeous.  Cole is also the most talented person on the series.

Boobie's music doesn't impress me but recording a song with Keyshia would be the perfect u…

Hazel E Book - Girl Code

Hazel E's book, Girl Code: Ethics As A Lifestyle is discussed in episode 10 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood's fourth season, "Musical Chairs."  Brooke Valentine's former boyfriend, Marcus Black, calls Hazel out and Hazel explains that her book recently sold out at Barnes and Noble.  Marcus better pick his battles.  Hazel is a hustler and she loves drama.

Marcus tries to insult Hazel explaining that her book only sold out because she had 4 copies total, kept 2 for herself and gave the others to her family members.

@chanelwestcoast x @hazelebaby ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿคค #highdiculousness #girlcodeinc #girlbossesunite A post shared by Girl Code Inc. (@girlcodeinc) on Aug 2, 2017 at 5:01pm PDT
Hazel E is feeling Keyshia Cole's former bae, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson.  Hazel and Marcus should be getting along because Daniel recently kissed Marcus' ex-girlfriend, Brooke Valentine.  It's good to see Hazel and Chanel West Coast getting along.  They recently got into a serious…

‘Empire’ Season 4 Chicago Casting Call for Kid Actors

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeCasting directors are seeking talent to work on scenes filming on Wednesday, September 20th in Chicago, Illinois. Producers are seeking the following types: LYON PHOTO DOUBLES DESCRIPTION: We are looking for “young version” photo doubles for the Lyon sons. Hakeem (Age 4-6) Jamal (Age 10-12) About Fox’s Empire: ‘Empire’ centers around a hip hop music and entertainment company, […]‘Empire’ Season 4 Chicago Casting Call for Kid Actors
Project Casting via via Project Casting

Blac Chyna - Benji Ball

Blac Chyna was recently spotted at the Benji Ball with her BFF, Amber Rose.  Chyna was also with her boyfriend, Mechie.  She's keeping up with the Kardashians: It doesn't matter who can see through your outfit as proven by Chyna's lace playsuit.  The last thing Chyna needs is more attention but we still can't get enough of her.

Chyna and Mechie will be spending Rob Kardashian's money soon.  People think Chyna played Rob but her career is on the rise and the Kardashian family's fame is close to its climax.  The next generation of Kardashians won't be as successful as Kim, Kylie, Kendall and crew.  Kris Jenner is getting older and she's no longer putting in the long hours she once was.

Dream Kardashian needs a mother like Blac Chyna to maximize her celebrity.  Rob has never worked as hard as his sisters but Chyna is a hustler and she's just getting started.

Rob needed to have a baby.  He now has something to live for.  I can't wait until Dream is …

How To Get Moving Bitmoji On Snapchat?

Follow these steps to get the moving Bitmoji on Snapchat:
Create a Bitmoji and connect it to your Snapchat account.Open Snapchat and tap the rear-facing camera screen to bring up the lenses menu.After the new World Lenses pop up appears, you'll see your 3D Bitmoji.Post your Bitmoji on your Story or send it to your friends.
Snapchat is hoping Bitmoji will help the company establish a competitive advantage.  Young people are slowly but surely leaving Facebook.  That would be great for Snapchat but Instagram stole most of their features.  Many young people have stopped using Facebook and started using Instagram which is owned by Facebook.

Snapchat will need more than 3D Bitmojis to compete with Instagram.

Instagram appeals to young people and marketers thanks to their advertising network, powered by Facebook.  There are now young people who won't have the Facebook phase that most of us lived through.  Their social media journeys will start with Instagram or Snapchat.

Snapchat shoul…

Ryan, Black Ink Chicago, Baby Mama Rachel Leigh

Black Ink Crew Chicago is back and better than ever! In the first episode of season 3 we see Rachel Leigh, Ryan's former bae.  Ryan and Rachel are giving their relationship another chance.  The following tweet shows that not everyone is feeling Ryan and Rachel's relationship.  Do you think she's back with him because of his success?

I see Rachel came back when Ryan's name start to get out there... #BlackInkCHI — Aisha ๐Ÿ˜Š (@MadameKHALIFA) July 20, 2017
The episode is titled "The New Barack and Michelle Obama" because Ryan feels like he finally got his Michelle back.  Ryan may think he's the president but no one at the shop is listening.  He's constantly screaming at his employees and he had to fire Danielle.

Ryan Henry's baby mama is his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Leigh.  The couple sadly broke up after she gave birth to their adorable son Mason.  After her relationship with Ryan ended she had another son with singer, Jeremih.  Rachel and Jeremih were i…

Is Young Joc Gay? - Wearing A Dress

Is Young Joc gay? No, the rapper is not gay but he was spotted wearing a dress.  In the video at the end of this article, he explains that he had to man up and put on a dress for a movie role.  Last year, people made fun of Young Joc's new hairstyle.  He's currently doing multiple television shows so at least he's securing the bag.

We make fun of Young Joc for dressing like a woman but when Martin Lawrence did it we loved it.  Joc is no longer focused on creating new music and he's transitioning into comedy.  From Martin to Jamie Foxx to Tyler Perry, comedians have been dressing like women for decades.  How can we judge Joc while giving other entertainers an easy pass?

A few years back, Karlie Redd claimed that Joc was gay but no one believed her.  I think Joc's career as a rapper made people put him in a box.  It's no longer going down and the former rapper is adapting.

Diddy usually leaves his old artists broke.  Mase was unable to adapt once his music career…

How Many Kids Does Fetty Wap Have?

Fetty Wap has 3 kids and Alexis Skyy is currently pregnant with his fourth child.  Fetty and Alexis were previously in a relationship but then Fetty got Masika Kalysha pregnant.  That's what started the beef between Alexis and Masika.  Alexis has wanted to talk to her about the incident for a long time but Masika has been avoiding her.

In the Instagram post below, Masika ruins Alexis' upcoming surprise:

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood's fourth episode of season 3 featured rapper, Willie Maxiell II aka Fetty Wap.  The 25-year-old has three children.  His oldest child is his son, Aydin Maxwell who is currently 5.  Aydin's mother is the rapper's former girlfriend, Reese.  The two are still good friends and she has shared numerous pictures on Instagram showing Fetty Wap spending quality time with his son.

The rapper's hit song "Trap Queen" was actually written for Reese.  The picture below shows their son, Aydin Maxwell:

The rapper's second child was a beau…

Sergio Dipp Memes - Top 10

The 10 funniest Sergio Dipp memes are presented below.  We love the guy but he did a horrible job on Monday Night Football.  Depp usually works with ESPN Deportes and doesn't speak English fluently.  Monday was Sergio's first gig on Monday Night Football and it will most likely be his last.

NFL fans can be difficult to please especially when they're watching their team losing.  Many of us have been watching football for decades so we want high-level commentary.  I love hearing former players on the sideline.  I wasn't impressed with Dipp's commentary yet I am not a racist.  If someone who didn't speak Spanish fluently appeared on ESPN Deportes, viewers would complain.

The meme above explains that Sergio had to lie on his resume to land his gig on Monday Night Football.  I am only fluent in English but I've claimed that I could speak multiple languages on numerous job applications.

ESPN will have to fire a few more seasoned vets.

The pic above shows Dipp'…