Baka Not Nice - OVO, Drake, Wiki

Baka Not Nice is Drake's former bodyguard.  Baka aka Travis Savoury spent more than a decade in jail.  When he got out, he hit the studio and Drake is proud of him.  He has been working hard on his music and it's paying off.  Drake signed him to OVO Sound.  I love the fact that Drake is giving Baka a second chance.

Drake has endorsement deals with major companies and organizations including T-Mobile and the NBA.  He could have told Baka that he's not able to sign him because of his criminal record but instead Drake decided to keep it real.  Baka no longer has to consider committing crime to survive.

Baka was convicted on human trafficking and assault charges Baka went to jail for forcing a 22-year-old woman to prostitute.  The 39-year-old also stole money from her.  Luckily, the woman refused to testify against Baka.  I'm guessing she was paid off or threatened.  The following pic shows Baka on the day he was released from jail:

Something in the air today...alot of good…

Rihanna - New Bae, Hassan Jameel Age, Wiki

Rihanna's new bae, Hassan Jameel is 29-years-old.  Hassan is a Saudi businessman with enough money to buy Rihanna anything she wants.  I'm happy to see Rihanna with a new boyfriend whose name isn't Drake.  While Drake was busy singing Happy Birthday with French Montana, Rihanna was love making.

Hassan is a high ranking official of his family's business.  He is used to being a boss so he may not get along with Rihanna.  I would love to see Rihanna with a hard working Barbadian man.  She already has more than enough money and she loves her roots.  She has been in multiple relationships with rich men and none of them have worked out.

Hassan's family owns a soccer league Jameel's family runs the Abdul Latif Jameel Group and owns the Jameel League, a soccer league in Saudi Arabia.  The league was founded in 1976 and is currently made up of 14 teams.  The league's best team is Al-Hilal which has won 14 titles.    
Rihanna loves sports.  She has been seen supporti…

Bodak Yellow Meaning - Cardi B

"Bodak Yellow" is Cardi B's shout out to Kodak Black.  In the video at the end of this article she explains that she titled her new track "Bodak Yellow" because it has the same flow as Kodak Black's song, "No Flockin." The shout out comes at an interesting time for Kodak Black.  The rapper recently proclaimed that he doesn't like dark skinned black women.

Cardi B is probably regrets naming her track "Bodak Yellow." Unlike Kodak Black she understands that calling people out about their complexion could ruin her career.  Most of Kodak's fans are dark skinned black women yet he has the nerve to say he isn't attracted to them.  The Florida rapper needs help.  I used to wonder why he was unable to stay out of trouble but now I see that he needs serious help.

Check out Kodak Black's video for "No Flockin":

Listen to Cardi B's new song, "Bodak Yellow":

Cardi B is on her way.  Love and Hip Hop New York is …

Hassan Jameel - Net Worth, Toyota, Rihanna New Man

Hassan Jameel's net worth is more than $1.5 billion.  Rihanna's new man is Naomi Campbell's ex-boyfriend.  Last year, Naomi and Hassan were spotted at one of Rihanna's concerts.  Hassan's family are the sole owners of the right to sell Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia.  Rihanna would be in a relationship with Naomi's ex! Campbell and RiRi are close friends.  Last year, Naomi became the face of Rihanna's Fenty Puma Fall Collection.

Rihanna and Naomi are changing the game.  I think Naomi helped RiRi get over the Chris Brown situation and now she's a different person.  When you're as successful as Rihanna you don't have time to waste worrying about past relationships.  You shake it off and keep it moving.

The following tweet explains that Hassan could be the reason that Rihanna and Naomi aren't friends anymore.  As much as I love both Rihanna and Naomi, it's so obvious that this is a publicity stunt.

don't tell me HE is the reason naomi …

Jackie Christie Age, Birthday, Wiki - Basketball Wives

How old is Jackie Christie? Evelyn Lozada claims she's 51 but the Internet claims that she's only 47.  Jackie keeps talking about Evelyn Lozada's kids and in the last episode of Basketball Wives the ladies almost got into a fight.  Jackie's birthday is July 7, 1969 according to multiple media outlets.  We need Evelyn to share some receipts!

Jackie called Evelyn's daughter a "build a whore" on the last episode of Basketball Wives.  After hearing Jackie's comments, I wondered how someone as calm, cool and collected as Doug Christie could marry someone like Jackie Christie.  Then I remembered how crazy Doug was against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who can forget Doug Christie punching Rick Fox in the face? Jackie was probably cheering him on during the altercation.  Doug was a NBA star before the league got soft.  Him and Kobe Bryant had some unforgettable battles throughout his career.  Doug's intensity on the court matches Jackie's intensity on Baske…

Rihanna New Boyfriend - 2017

Who is Rihanna's new boyfriend? She was spotted kissing a new man in a pool.  Rihanna has a long list of boy toys.  I am still praying for her and Drake to get back together.  I think Rihanna and Chris Brown made a better couple but we all remember how Breezy ruined that.  I'm happy to see Rihanna moving on.  If she's happy, I'm happy for her.

The picture below shows Rihanna in a pool, making out.  It's great to see the singer enjoying the fruits of her labor.  She has worked hard and deserves some time off.  Her new man looks like Janet Jackson's ex-husband, Wissam Al Mana.  I'm hoping his pockets are as deep as Wissam's.

Rihanna's new man is Naomi Campbell's ex-boyfriend, Hassan Jameel:

The following pic shows Rihanna and Hassan looking into each other's eyes.

What would this story be without Twitter's reaction?

Rihanna better fuckin kiss his little Spaniard ass okay?????? — Cyn Santana (@Cyn_Santana) June 27, 2017
The tweet above che…

Evelyn Lozada - Mother Sylvia Ferrer

Evelyn Lozada's mother, Sylvia Ferrer still lives in the Bronx, New York.  The Bronx is one of the most dangerous cities in New York.  Episode 11 of Basketball Wives season 6 featured Evelyn's mother and left fans of the series wondering why she still lives in the projects.  Evelyn's fiancé, Carl Crawford, is worth $80 million.

Evelyn and Jackie Christie's beef has made Evelyn return to her old ways.  Jackie and Evelyn are exact opposites.  Jackie is fake and loves running her mouth.  Evelyn is real and it's difficult for her to hide her emotions.  Jackie is on Basketball Wives for the publicity while Evelyn is constantly trying to prove that she's tough.

The image above is recent.  Sylvia is in shape! Here's an old pic of her:

The following tweet explains that Evelyn's mother is still in the projects because she wants to be there.  It's all relative.  You may think the projects are rough but Sylvia is comfortable.  There's no place like home.


BET Awards 2017 Memes - Top 10

The 10 funniest BET Awards 2017 memes are provided in this article.  The award show featured some unforgettable moments and Twitter's reaction was hilarious.  Migos almost got into a fight with Joe Budden and Chris Brown.  21 Savage's mom broke the Internet while Remy Ma broke Nicki Minaj's record.

Tamar Braxton's wig gave me life! Tamar, Blac Chyna and Cardi B all decided to go blonde for the 2017 BET Awards.  I'm surprised Cardi B didn't get into it with Joe Budden after he disrespected Migos.  She has been dating Offset for a few months and you know she's about that life.  The hilarious meme below explains that Migos stood up like they had next on NBA 2K:

21 Savage's mom broke the Internet:

Remy Ma's "shETHER" was a classic but Nicki Minaj fans are mad that Remy won the BET Award for Best Female Artist.  It's easy to take Nicki's hard work for granted but this could be exactly what she needs.  Expect her next album to be a classi…

21 Savage Mom, Haitian? (Pics)

21 Savage's mom, Heather, is gorgeous.  She's not Haitian, she's of Dominica descent.  The rapper, whose real name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was born in Dominica on October 22, 1992.  Heather is a hard worker who doesn't take any mess.  Savage explains that she would get in fights with other children's mothers when he was younger.

21 Savage comes from a large family.  He has six sisters and four brothers.  Although his mother worked hard to keep him out of trouble, the rapper was expelled from school, in the 7th grade, for gun possession.  Can you blame him? A few years later he was shot six times.  Many of 21 Savage's friends have been murdered.

When 21 Savage was 12, a woman that lived in his neighborhood accused him of vandalizing her car.  Savage called his mother at work and she came speeding to his rescue.  Savage explains that his mother went crazy on the lady.

The video below explains that 21 Savage was recently spotted leaving the club with Amber R…

‘Empire’ Season 4 Chicago Casting Call for Featured Roles

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Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeEmpire Season 4 is now casting featured roles in Chicago, Illinois. Empire is back and casting directors are now casting featured roles for the season 4 premiere. Producers are looking for real massage therapists, musician types, security guards, detectives and other featured roles. Filming will shoot between July 6th and July 14th in Chicago, Illinois. About Fox’s Empire: […]‘Empire’ Season 4 Chicago Casting Call for Featured Roles
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