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Chance The Rapper supports "Get Out" in a big way

Chicago native Chance the Rapper is supporting the new horror film "Get Out" in a big way.

Chance the Rapper bought all the tickets to the film at a local theater, just so fans could see the movie.“I bought all the tickets to #GetOut at Chatham Theatre on 87th Just pull up with ID and enjoy the movie,” he wrote on Twitter.


The film is get out. It is a horror film that also deals with interracial dating. The director has described the film as "a horror spin on “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” for the post-Obama age".

Chance has become his own brand in a lot of ways. Chance is not signed to a record label. He controls himself. He releases his music for free and makes revenue through the sale of concert tickets
or apparel like his famous #3 hat. Time will determine if Chance The Rapper has staying power and more importantly influence beyond music.

Certain athletes and musical figures have that power to promote beyond their immediate sphere. Lebron James or The Rock certainly come to mind.

"Hidden Fences" Mishap Strikes again

The 2017 Oscars are underway but there has already been a major flub. The Oscar nominated movies "Hidden Figures" (starring our girl Taraji P Henson) and "Fences" (starring Denzel Washington) have already been referred to as "Hidden Fences".
 This is the SECOND time in the award season that this has happened. The first was at the Golden Globes on the red carpet when Jenna Bush Hager was interviewing Pharrell Williams who was nominated for best original score for “Hidden Figures”. When Jenna accidentally referred to it as “Hidden Fences”, Pharrell gave a very confused look which was caught on camera. Later that night when Michael Keaton was presenting Golden Globe nominees he also used the title “Hidden Fences”. This time People Magazine editor in chief, Jess Cagle, made the same mistake on the red carpet (luckily both Jenna Bush Hager and Jess Cagle have apologized).
The incidents made people think about if the mash-up could have been avoided. Do these people not care enough to even get the names of two separate (that just so happens to have black leads) movies right? It is a prestigious award show meaning presentations should have been rehearsed and red carpet questions should have been carefully practiced before the big night to avoid any mistakes. Especially with something as simple, yet important, of a task such as getting the names right.

Bill Paxton Passes Away at 61

Actor Bill Paxton who played a Polygamist on the HBO series ‘Big Love’ and also starred on ‘Twister’ and the reboot series on CBS, ‘Training Day’ has sadly passed away at the young age of 61-years-old. He also appeared in ‘Aliens’ as well as other movies including ‘The Terminator’ ‘Weird Science’ ‘Predator 2’ and much more.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, his family made a statement Sunday about his death stating:

“It is with heavy hearts we share the news that Bill Paxton has passed away due to complications from surgery.” 

They also talked about how he was a loving husband and father and how he began his career in Hollywood. According to his family, Paxton had a true love for the arts and actually started his career working on film in the arts department. He then went on to act in many different TV shows and movies.

He passed away on the same day as the 89th annual Academy Awards. Surely, he will be remembered during the show.

Paxton was a native Texan and worked with many people during his career including James Cameron. Cameron gave Paxton his first job in Hollywood as part of his crew at night. This was back in the 1970s before Cameron became a big Hollywood director when he was actually just a production designer at the time. Cameron called Paxton “a great human” during an interview with ‘Vanity Fair.’

Paxton will be sadly missed by friends and family and everyone who watched him on TV and in movies. 

Is it still #OscarsSoWhite?

Oscars So White
Oscars So White

The Academy Awards are tonight February 26th. Last year was infamous for the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite after the lack of diversity in the nominations. It is worth noting that there is more diversity represented among the nominees this year.

Consider, the film Loving. This is a film about a black woman who married a white man and successfully defeated Virginia's ban on interracial marriage through a famed Supreme Court ruling. The actress Ruth Negga got a nomination for her portrayal of Mildred Loving.

Consider, the film Hidden Figures.  This is a film that dares to show African American women in a non-stereotypical light. The media and BET especially usually portrays African American women as catty Real Housewives or as the plump spunky type like Queen Latifah. This film goes in the opposite direction by putting real women who dared to pursue their own careers in rocket science on a pedestal rather than Real Housewives clawing each other to a bloody pulp over a spilled drink.

The real drama on Oscar night will be between Moonlight and La La Land. Moonlight is a hard hitting coming of age film set in Miami. It deals with family, the criminal justice system, and urban poverty. The movie critic from Variety called it: "A socially conscious work of art as essential as it is insightful." La La Land is a musical. It is fun but Moonlight is the harder hitting film. We shall see who wins and whether more diverse voices get their golden Oscar.

Pioneers Issa Rae and Maxwell are in the news

Issa Rae
Issa Rae

Issa Rae is not your traditional Hollywood star from celluloid. It seems appropriate that in this age of non-traditional media and disruption that a star was born from the internet. Rae came from YouTube. 

She had a series on YouTube entitled “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”. This followed J the “black and awkward” main heroine through different love interests, work situations and social interactions. 

Issa’s series went viral. She got over a quarter of a million subscribers. Is it really any surprise that an innovative network like HBO sought out a fellow innovator like Issa Rae

HBO has given the world innovative shows like Curb your enthusiasm, The Wire, Deadwood, Game of Thrones and The Sopranos. Now they are behind Issa Rae with her critically acclaimed show “Insecure”. It follows the African American experience in LA through funny situations but deals with the broader theme  that black people can’t “escape being black” and sometimes have to deal with uncomfortable situations.

Singer Maxwell inspired Twitter controversy over recent comments. Maxwell tweeted #blackblueredwhitebeigehistory. This was a nod to the all lives matter side. Some supporters of the black lives matter movement took offense that Maxwell did this especially during black history month. 

Both are in the news for different reasons! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The “Casshmeousside” girl wants 30k for an appearance, and she's getting it!

We're all familiar with the CasshmeOusside girl by now right? 13 year old Danielle Bregoli Made her controversial  debut on Dr. Phil as an out of control teen whose mother just couldn't control anymore. When this happened neither Danielle or her mother knew she would blow into internet superstardom in the aftermath of it.

Cash Me Ousside Meme
Cash Me Ousside Meme

Meme’s of her catchphrase “CasshMeOusside Howboudat” flooded Facebook and other social media, Facebook live videos and even getting the attention of the rapper Kodak Black, whose music video Danielle starred in, and now she’s back.

Danielle was asked to do a meet and greet at The Rolling Loud Music festival, where she agreed to do it for 40k! Stating she now does appearances for a minimum of $30,000 for inside of the U.S and $40,000 for appearances “OUSSIDE” the U.S.

Who would have known that appearing on Dr. Phil would have cause such a social media uproar. Or even just appearing on the show would have made her this much money. I don't know about anybody else but I want to see how far our society lets this go before they see how famous their making this teenage with a bad attitude.

Nicki Minaj - Ebro Darden, Twitter Remy Ma Beef

Did Nicki Minaj cheat on her man with Ebro? In Remy Ma's diss track, "shETHER" she claims that Nicki cheated on either Meek Mill or Safaree Samuels.  Meek Mill told Nicki that Safaree cheated on her, leading Minaj to break up with Samuels.  Remy Ma is most likely referring to Meek Mill.  Remy's either starting rumors or exposing Nicki.

Trey Songz And Nicki Minaj

Remy claims that Nicki slept with Trey Songz.  The rapper, whose real name is Reminisce Mackie proclaims that Nicki's sexual relations with Trey mark the only time she has touched a trigga.

Nicki Minaj Ebro Darden Twitter Remy Ma Beef
Nicki Minaj Ebro Darden Twitter Remy Ma Beef

Minaj called Trey out on Twitter.  She wasn't happy with Trey's response to Remy's claims:

Trey Songz Nicki Minaj Twitter
Trey Songz Nicki Minaj Twitter

Meek Mill - Did Nicki Minaj's Ass Drop?

Remy claims that Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill exposed Nicki at the NBA All-Star Game.  According to Remy, Meek revealed that Nicki's ass dropped and they couldn't have sex for 3 months.  In 2014, there were rumors about Minaj's implants popping during her Fashion Rocks performance.

A post shared by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

Did Nicki Have Sex With Drake?

Remy also called Nicki out for allegedly hooking up with Drake.  She calls Minaj out for taking a picture with the Toronto rapper after breaking up with his enemy, Meek Mill.  Remy claims that Nicki started the beef between Meek and Drake.

What do you think about the Remy Ma Nicki Minaj beef? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Daryl Martinez - Magic Castle Suicide

Daryl Martinez was found dead at the Magic Castle located in Los Angeles, California.  Many knew the magician by Daryl Easton.  Her was born on August 13, 1955.  On February 24, 2017, he was found in a closet with a bag over his head.  He was only wearing his underwear.  Investigators believe Martinez hung himself.

Daryl's suicide shocked his fans.  He performed at the venue the entire week.  An employee found Martinez's dead boy in a closet.  The talented magician was pronounced dead at the scene.

Daryl Martinez Magic Castle Suicide
Daryl Martinez Magic Castle Suicide

Martinez is one of the most celebrated musicians in the world.  The suicide is the last thing the private club thought they'd be dealing with this weekend.  Magic Castle is known as the most unusual private club in the world.

The iconic venue opened its doors in 1963.  Numerous additions have been made to the original structure.  In 1989, the castle was declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.

Daryl Martinez was a magician explaining the Twitter reactions above.  Magicians are generally seen as fun-loving people that make us smile.  You never know the struggles a person is experiencing in his or her personal life.  Daryl's gone but he's not forgotten.  He has provided value to a countless number of magicians around the world through his lectures.


Judge Bae - Qiana Lillard, Donna Kosal

Social media has crowned Judge Qiana Lillard "Judge Bae." The video at the end of this article shows the Detroit judge sentence Donna Kosal and another man in jail for laughing in her court room.  Amanda Kosal is a convicted drunk driver.  The 26-year-old killed Jerome Zirker and injured his fiancee, Brittany Johnson.

Jerome has five children.  His sister was reading a victim impact statement written by his kids when Judge Lillard noticed Amanda's mother, Donna and another man laughing.

Judge Bae Qiana Lillard Donna Kosal
Judge Bae Qiana Lillard Donna Kosal

Judge Lillard threw Donna and the man out the courtroom.  She called them clowns and then had officers bring them back in the courtroom.  Judge Lillard sentenced Donna to 93 days in jail for contempt of court.  Donna slammed the courtroom door on her way out and you can hear her yelling in the video.

Donna Kosal
Donna Kosal

Donna only spent one day behind bars.  She apologized for her actions so Judge Lillard counted the one day as time served.

Watch the video below to see Judge Qiana Lillard transform into #JudgeBae.

Do you think #JudgeBae made the wrong decision by giving Donna a break?

We recently published a complete guide to 2017's #Bae trend.  The guide included Hurt BaeStranded BaeSalt Bae and more.  We'll add Judge Bae to the post to make the guide complete.

Fat Trel Baby Mother - Locked Up, Martel Reeves Arrested 2017

A few years back, Fat Trel's baby mother, Chrissy went on a Twitter rant, airing out the DMV rapper.  Chrissy was allegedly upset after breaking up with the Maybach Music artist.  She posted tweets revealing that Blac Chyna and Trel hooked up while Chyna was in a relationship with Tyga.  Chrissy claims that Chyna and Tyga's son, King, was taking a nap while her and Trel hooked up.

In 2016, Fat Trel was arrested multiple times.  In March 2016, he was arrested for using fake bills at Live! Casino in Maryland.  A month later, Fat Trel was arrested on DWI, narcotics distribution, speeding and driving on a revoked license.  The Instagram post below was shared on his account today.

Fat Trel Baby Mother Locked Up Martel Reeves Arrested 2017
Fat Trel Baby Mother Locked Up Martel Reeves Arrested 2017

The post below shows Fat Trel in court and shares his mailing address for fan to write him:

Martrel Reeves
1901 E Street, S.E.
Washington, DC 20003

A post shared by fat_gleesh (@fat_gleesh) on

He's currently locked up in D.C.'s Correctional Treatment Facility.  In the video above, the rapper explains that he'll be home soon.  He has a jury trial scheduled for March 7, 2017.  We hope he beats the charges so he can focus on creating new music.

Fat Trel has been through it all.  He was homeless before becoming a rapper.  If he practices patience, he could become a respected artist like fellow DMV MMG rapper, Wale.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Blocked From Liking On Instagram

Did Instagram temporarily block you from liking? If you like too many images with a new account Instagram will disable your account.  The image sharing app will also block you if you make too many comments with a new account.  Patience is the key to success on Instagram.  If you don't want your account banned, slow down.

The app recently added carousel-style image sharing.  Instagram now lets users upload up to 10 images and videos in one post.  That doesn't mean you can like more photos with a new account.  The app is adding new features fast.  Follow the Community Guidelines to continue to enjoy Instagram.

Blocked From Liking On Instagram
Blocked From Liking On Instagram

How To Get Unblocked From Instagram

If you believe Instagram has banned you by mistake you can appeal the decision.  Open the app, login and follow the instructions to appeal the decision.  Once you're unblocked, be more careful.  I you get blocked again you'll most likely lose your account.  I know multiple users who were banned with over 100K followers.

Instagram Blocked Me From Commenting

Instagram generally bans entire accounts for comment spamming but sometimes the company disables specific features.  If you have been blocked from commenting don't panic.  If you haven't done anything serious the ban will last for 24 hours.

‘Empire’ Commercial Casting Call in Chicago

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for Free

Empire season 3 is now casting extras promo filming in Chicago, Illinois. Fox’s Empire is now casting actors, models, and talent to work on a promo filming on Saturday, February 25th in Chicago, Illinois. Casting directors are casting the following roles: 1) JIDENNA POSSE Clean-cut, POLISHED, musician-types. You should have a similar style/look to the artist. (See attached photo […]

‘Empire’ Commercial Casting Call in Chicago
Project Casting

via via Project Casting

How Did Wiz Khalifa Transgender Brother - Sister Die?

The sudden death of Wiz Khalifa's transgender brother or sister has social media discussing Dorien "Lala" Thomaz's cause of death.  An official cause of death has not been revealed but some suggest that Dorien was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  Scroll to the Instagram post to see an emotional message from the rapper's mother, Peachie Wimbush.

In the Instagram post, Peachie explains that Dorien was 32-years-old.  She passed away with her mother by her side.  There's nothing worse than having to bury one of your kids.  Pray for Wiz Khalifa's family.  The rapper, whose real name is Cameron Thomaz, doesn't write lyrics that insult gay people.  He doesn't use "fag" or "faggot" in his rhymes, unlike other rappers.

How Did Wiz Khalifa Transgender Brother Sister Die?
How Did Wiz Khalifa Transgender Brother Sister Die?

Wiz Khalifa's mother explained that Lala passed away on Monday, February 20, 2017.  The family has been on an emotional roller coaster this past week.  On Tuesday, February 21 Wiz was spotted with his ex-wife, Amber Rose, celebrating their son, Sebastian's 4th birthday.

In 2015, Wiz Khalifa released the song, "See You Again" for the Furious 7 soundtrack.  The unforgettable track was dedicated to actor, Paul Walker, who passed away in 2013.

Wiz can use the emotional lyrics to get over his pain.  He'll tell Dorien all about it when he sees him again.


What Does A Gray Arrow Mean On Snapchat?

What does the gray arrow mean on Snapchat? The symbol appears next to messages you send on Snapchat.  The color gray means an action is pending or expired on Snapchat.  When you send someone a message on Snapchat and see a grey arrow it means the intended recipient is unable to receive private messages.

The person has not added you as a fried.  The image below shows a gray arrow next to Gary Vaynerchuk's Snapchat username.  The social media guru is more active on Instagram therefore sending him a direct message via IG would be a smart move.  You could ask him your question directly on IG or ask him to add you on Snapchat via IG.

Gray Arrow On Snapchat
Gray Arrow On Snapchat

There are numerous additional arrows on Snapchat.  The red arrow means you've sent a Snap that doesn't include audio.  When you see a white arrow outlined in red it means the recipient has opened your message which doesn't include audio.  The purple arrow means that you've sent a Snapchat message that includes audio.

The white arrow outlined in purple means the recipient opened your message which includes audio.  The blue arrow means you sent a Chat.  The white arrow outlined in blue means the recipient opened the message.  Finally, the white arrow outlined in green means the recipient has viewed and received cash.

Happy Snapping!

What Does The Red X Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat's recent update has users asking: What does the red X mean on Snapchat? There are several red X's shown on the app.  This article will cover each one.  The first red X this article will detail is used to delete content.  The second red X confirms when you block a friend from viewing your content.

Delete Audio Or Video Notes By Dragging The Camera Button The The Red X

Snapchat recently added Audio and Video Notes.  Video Notes enable users to send 10-second max, thumbnail videos in Chat.  The video plays audio when the recipient taps the Note.  To record a Video Note, hold the camera button.  Don't let go of the camera button while you record your Video Note.

If your let go of the camera button while recording your Video Note, the file will send.  If you record a video you don't like keep holding the camera button and drag it to the red X.

When You Block Friends From Seeing Your Story You'll See A Red Box With A X

After you select the 'View My Story' option on Snapchat you can select specific people that have the ability to see your story.  You can choose 'Everyone' to make your story available to anyone on Snapchat, including users you're not friends with.  You can choose 'My Friends' if you only want to grant your friends access to your content.

Finally, you can choose 'Custom' to select specific users to block from your Snapchat story.  As you select users to block, you'll see a red box with a X.

JordanOhhMyy - Stranded Bae, BootBae Memes

JordanOhhMyy aka Jordan Smith is the beautiful 18-year-old from Houston, Texas, responsible for the #BootBae memes.  From #StrandedBae to #SaltBae to #HurtBae, 2017 is the year of #Bae! Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear Hakeem Lyon explain the meaning of #Bae.  Check out the best memes from each #Bae trend below.

What Is #BootBae? Memes

The University of Houston Nigerian Student Association hosted a date auction to raise scholarship money.  Jordan Smith was one of the beautiful woman who participated in the auction.  To raise money, you have to engage the crowd.  Smith tried to do so by approaching a guy sitting in the front row.  The she met #BootBae:

JordanOhhMyy Stranded Bae BootBae Memes
JordanOhhMyy Stranded Bae BootBae Memes

The following tweet explains that 2017 has been the year of #Bae:

SaltBae HurtBae StrandedBae BootBae
SaltBae HurtBae StrandedBae BootBae

Temptation is everywhere but so is God!

JordanOhhMyy Boot Bae Memes
JordanOhhMyy Boot Bae Memes

Classic #BootBae gif:

Boot Bae
Boot Bae

Thought it was!

JordanOhhMyy BootBae
JordanOhhMyy BootBae

What Is #StrandedBae? - Memes

Twitter users @_iamqueenk and her bae @kashmoneykanee are responsible for #StrandedBae.  She was feeling him until he left her stranded on Valentine's Day.  Here are some of the funniest #StrandedBae memes:

Stranded Bae Memes
Stranded Bae Memes

#StrandedBae teaches us to laugh to keep from crying:

Stranded Bae Meme
Stranded Bae Meme

#StrandedBae's story was difficult to follow:

Stranded Bae Meme
Stranded Bae Meme

What Is #HurtBae? - Memes

Hurt Bae featured a former couple discussing their past relationship.  The guy is honest about cheating on his ex-girlfriend and it's the saddest video of the year.  You can't handle the truth!

When you get your refund check and don't know how to act:

Hurt Bae Memes
Hurt Bae Memes

He deserved to be choke slammed!

Hurt Bae Memes
Hurt Bae Memes

When you sprinkle him with way too many chances:

saltbae hurtbae meme
Salt Bae Hurt Bae Meme

What Is #SaltBae? - Memes

The man behind #SaltBae is Turkish check, Nusret Göskce.  He's has amazing cooking skills and knows exactly how to add seasoning.  #SaltBae was born from the following video which shows him season a steak:

A post shared by nusr_et (@nusr_et) on

The video broke Twitter.  Here are some of our favorite #SaltBae memes:

saltbae memes
SaltBae Memes

There's nothing like using words that make you sound smarter:

Salt Bae Meme
Salt Bae Meme

Pure comedy:

Salt Bae Memes
Salt Bae Memes

What Is Traffic Bae?

Traffic Bae is Demetria Obilor.  She's the beautiful traffic anchor at 8 News Now Vegas:

Traffic Bae
Traffic Bae

What Is Teacher Bae?

Teacher Bae aka Patrice Brown, was one of the most popular #Baes of 2016.  She's an elementary school teacher who broke the Internet with her outfits and curvy figure.

Patrice Brown Teacher Bae
Patrice Brown Teacher Bae

Which #Bae is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Ronnie DeVoe - Wife Pregnant

Ronnie DeVoe's wife is pregnant! Ronnie turns 50 on November 17 and this will be the New Edition member's first child.  His wife, Shamari Fears-DeVoe recently celebrated her 37th birthday.  This year, the couple will celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary.  Many New Edition fans didn't even know Ronnie and Shamari were married.

Ronnie posted the image below via Instagram.  Shamari's beautiful baby bump is already starting to show.  Ronnie was one of the three members of New Edition that didn't have kids.  Ricky Bell and Johnny Gill don't have any children while Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins and Ralph Tresvant have kids.

Ronnie DeVoe Wife Pregnant
Ronnie DeVoe Wife Pregnant

Here's the original Instagram post:

Ronnie DeVoe Twin Brother

Ronnie has two brothers, Robert and Roland.  The talented singer also has two stepsisters.  Ronnie's siblings will soon have a new niece or nephew.

Ronnie DeVoe Twin Brother
Ronnie DeVoe Twin Brother

Ronnie DeVoe Mother

Ronnie's mother, Florence E. DeVoe, was played by La La Anthony, the wife of NBA star, Carmelo Anthony.  In the mini-series, Flo was seen calling out the other mothers for firing her brother, Brooke Payne.  If it wasn't for Brooke, Ronnie wouldn't have been a member of New Edition.

New Edition originally included singers, Travis Pettus and Corey Rackley.  Ronnie ended up replacing Travis.  Uncle Brooke is the best uncle in the world! In one of the most emotional scenes of The New Edition Story Ronnie calls Bobby Brown out for making Payne have a heart attack.

Tammy Brawner Bio - Darius McCrary Wife

Tammy Brawner is the wife of Darius McCrary.  She was recently granted a restraining order against the former Family Matters actor.  McCrary appeared in the first season of Star.  He played Otis Leecan in the Fox series created by Lee Daniels.  Tammy graduated from the Dominican University of California.

Brawner earned a graduate degree from Dominican's business school and played on the university's women's basketball team.  Brawner is a very good basketball player and in 2012 she became a member of the Harlem Globetrotters.  In 2015, Tammy sued the Globetrotters.  She claims they fired her for getting pregnant.

Tammy Brawner Bio Darius McCrary Wife
Tammy Brawner Bio Darius McCrary Wife

Last year, Tammy and Darius welcomed their beautiful daughter, Zoey.  Brawner claims that Darius abused her and Zoey.  She says that McCrary held Zoey over a pot of boiling hot water.  Lee Daniels knows how to pick the villains for his television shows.

As Otis in Star, Darius plays an abusive husband.  He abuses his adopted daughter, Simone in the series.  Daniels chose actor, Terrence Howard to play the villain in Empire.  As Lucious Lyon, Howard mentally abuses his entire family.  Howard has faced multiple allegations of violence against his ex-wives.  Luckily, Cookie don't play that!

We're hoping Tammy's claims aren't true.  We all fell in love with Darius when he played Edward "Eddie" Winslow in Family Matters.

Who Is Nick Cannon Dating? - New Baby Mama, Brittany Bell

Nick Cannon's new baby mama, Brittany Bell is expecting a boy.  Cannon is making headlines for comments he made about Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve performance.  Despite the rumors, Cannon is currently single.  Cannon appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he called the performance a government conspiracy.  Scroll to the video to see the interview.

Brittany Bell is Nick Cannon's ex-girlfriend.  She was born on November 9, 1987 and is currently 29-years-old.  Her beauty has been praised over the years.  She won the 2010 Miss Arizona USA pageant.  In 2014, Bell won the Miss Guam pageant.  Prior to winning beauty pageants Bell was a dancer for the Phoenix Suns.

Nick Cannon Dating New Baby Mama Brittany Bell
Nick Cannon Dating New Baby Mama Brittany Bell

Brittany Bell Net Worth

Brittany Bell's net worth is $2 million.  She owns a hair services firm she named "Be Blushed." In 2009, Bell graduated from Arizona State University.  She's also a beautiful model.  Brittany is represented by Ford Models.

On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, Brittany and Nick welcomed their first child together.  They chose the name Saigon Cannon for their new bundle of joy.  Nick posted the following picture via Instagram:

Brittany and Nick's son will be Cannon's third child and Bell's first.  It's good to see that Cannon is finally over Mariah Carey.  He was open about how much he missed Carey when they initially split.  Carey got over Cannon quick and was engaged to James Packer soon after.  Packer and Carey's relationship didn't last.

In 2012, Cannon was diagnosed with lupus.  Despite the disease, Cannon continues to maintain a busy schedule.  He's on multiple television shows and he's working on new movies.  Nick also finds time to work on his music career.  Hopefully he slows down to stay healthy.

Sky Baby Daddy Red, Real Name - Black Ink Crew

Sky's baby daddy, "Red" was seen in episode 7 of Black Ink Crew season 5, "The Ring Didn't Mean A Thing." Sky's real name is Jakeita Days.  When Red arrives at the shop, he refers to Sky by her nickname, "Keke." Sky reveals that Red has been stalking her on social media.  She says it's her baby daddy and Donna jumps to the conclusion that Sky's referring to Reese.

Sky tells Donna it's her other baby daddy.  Reese was Sky's high school sweetheart and the father of her first son.  Red is the father of Sky's second son.  She explains that she hasn't revealed his identity because she wanted to protect her kids.  Sky says that Red is a very bad man and even compares him to Lucifer.

Sky Baby Daddy Red Real Name Black Ink Crew
Sky Baby Daddy Red Real Name Black Ink Crew

Sky met Red when he was on house arrest.  At the time, she didn't care about his legal problems.  He was from the hood and made Sky feel safe.  Sky says she was wrong.  She isn't the type of person who is afraid of much but she's definitely scared of Red.  He got Sky pregnant when he was 28-years-old and she was 14.

Sky was in 9th grade when she found out she was pregnant with Red's baby.  Red told her that the baby wasn't his but he found out he was the father after taking a paternity test.  After Sky has the baby Red disappeared because he didn't want to be arrested for statutory rape.

Don't miss the next episode of Black Ink Crew!

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