Hunter Joanne Day - Yukon, OK Teacher Pics Facebook

Hunter Joanne Day is the Yukon, OK teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with one of her students.  More and more teachers are being accused of assaulting students and something must be done.  Educator sexual abuse has become a regular occurrence and more teachers are being exposed.

Hunter Day was taken into custody on Wednesday on rape charges.  She is 22-years-old and had an inappropriate relationship with a student at Yukon High School.  Hunter had no experience yet she was a science teacher thanks to an emergency teaching certificate.  The following pic is from Day's Facebook page:

Explicit pics and text messages were found on the student's phone.  Many teachers got away with sexual misconduct before the social media evolution.  We now live in a world of sharing.  Once a pic is sent it is no longer private, especially if it's explicit.  Millennials crave new content on a consistent basis so teachers will continue to be exposed if they don't stop s…

Steph Curry New Hair 2017, Dreads - Kevin Durant Balding

Steph Curry is growing dreads.  His new hairstyle was seen during the Golden State Warriors' game against the Boston Celtics.  Curry's dreads will represent his laid-back playing style.  Bob Marley advised us not to worry, about a thing as his long dreadlocks flowed down his back.  Steph is worry-free except when he decides to throw his mouthpiece at a referee.

The Golden State Warriors have won two NBA championships in the last 3 years and Curry signed a 5-year deal worth $201 million, the richest contract in NBA history.  What's there to worry about? While the Western Conference is filled with good teams, the Warriors will most likely breeze through the playoffs and play the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals for the fourth year in a row.

Ayesha Curry approves of Steph's hair.  In the tweet below, Ayesha reveals that Steph has always wanted dreads.

I love his hair. Super sexy. Super authentic and something he’s always wanted to do… it’s a process and I️ embrace it whol…

Lil Peep Memes - Death, Top 10

Rest in peace Lil Peep.  The following memes celebrate his tragic death.  Peep predicted that he would be appreciated by more people once he passed away and that's exactly what is happening.  He's receiving a massive amount of love on social media.  Peep was only 21 and he was an emerging voice on the music scene.

Lil Peep was a talented rapper and singer who mixed demo and hip hop.  After speaking with Peep's friends, police revealed that there was evidence of a Xanax overdose.  Last month, President Donald Trump declared a public health emergency and Peep's death is an example of why that was necessary.

Millions of Americans are abusing prescription drugs and something must be done.  As the number of overdose deaths increase, hip hop is making the problem worse.  Artists use music to express their feelings.  Fans are able to recognize authenticity so the most successful artists are usually the most honest.
Dave Chappelle provided us with examples of when keeping it re…

Is Eva Longoria Pregnant?

Is Eva Longoria pregnant? No, the beautiful actress is not pregnant.  Each time Longoria wears a loose-fitting outfit, people jump to the conclusion that she's trying to hide something.  Eva was recently spotted in New Orleans with Serena Williams on the morning of the tennis champion's wedding.

Longoria appeared on Empire's third season and we're hoping to see her in season 4 of the series.  Last year, she signed a deal with Universal and she'll soon appear in the workplace comedy series 24-7.  Kerry Washington will also appear in the series.

We're used to seeing Eva is tight dresses so we get excited when we see pics like this:

In 2016, Longoria married her third husband, Jose Baston.  She describes him as her soulmate and Eva is a proud stepmother to his three children.  Longoria explains that it would be a blessing to have a child of her own.

Baston is the president of Televisa, Latin America's largest media company.  He's a private person but priv…

Lil Peep Snapchat Name -

Scroll to the snapcode for Lil Peep's Snapchat name!

Lil Peep's friend, Bexey Swan posted a Snapchat video showing Peep hours before he died.  When someone you love passes away, you look for someone to blame and what could have been done to prevent the tragedy.  Peep's fans love him so many of them are blaming Swan for failing to help his friend.

Fans claim that Swan watched Lil Peep overdose and commit suicide.  Bexey clapped back on Twitter, explaining that Peep was snoring in the video he posted.

Lil Peep's Snapchat name is LilPeep300:

Lil B is a professional when it comes to perfect reactions.  He found a way to promote positivity after being jumped by A Boogie wit da Hoodie's crew.  The following tweet shows Lil B explaining that he plans to carry on Peep's vision to stop sexual abuse in the music industry.

I remember Lil peep telling me he is against the sexual abuse of women and people in the music industry... I will continue to push his vision thank you -…

Lil Peep Overdose Xanax - Death

To celebrate Lil Peep's life, we posted his Top 10 Instagram pics.  Scroll down to see them.
Rest in peace Lil Peep.  This Xanax culture has to stop.  Abusing drugs is not cool, it's deadly.  From Lil Pump to XXXTentacion, hip-hop's new school is proud of their drug use.  These days, you're not an official SoundCloud rapper if you don't pop pills.  Even Chance the Rapper, the new school's sacred leader, has bragged about how much he uses drugs.  The Chicago emcee named his second mixtape Acid Rap.

Can you overdose on Xanax?
Yes, you can overdose on Xanax.  I know Smokepurpp and all the other SoundCloud rappers make the drug sound cool but it's actually very dangerous.  Xanax is fast-acting, making it deadly when abused.  It's one of the most addictive drugs on the market and SoundCloud rappers need to stop promoting it.

Check out Lil Peep's Top 10 Instagram Posts:

10. When he gets his lip pierced.

I pierced my lip again I'm cute A post shared by …

Kevin Hart - Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers Vs LA Lakers

Ben Simmons is officially on Kevin Hart's good side.  The comedian is from Philadelphia and he loves the 76ers.  Philly played Lonzo Ball's Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night and Kevin was seen showing major support for Simmons.  Kevin has had a change of heart.  In the video at the end of this article, the comedian calls Simmons out for refusing to workout for the 76ers.

Is Kevin Hart the new Spike Lee? The New York Knicks are horrible and Spike Lee might have finally given up on the team.  Jack Nicolson is still showing up to Lakers games and he's praying for LeBron James.  While Spike and Jack are dealing with losing seasons, Kevin is smiling from ear-to-ear.  The Philadelphia 76ers are forcing us to put some respect on their name and Kevin is leading the way.

The Knicks are currently ahead of the 76ers in the Eastern Conference standings but New York always finds a way to ruin their season.  The Lakers won't make the playoffs in the highly competitive Western C…

BeatKing Snapchat - Eggplant Challenge

Scroll to the snapcode for BeatKing's Snapchat name!

BeatKing is a rapper and producer from Houston, Texas.  Justin "BeatKing" Riley was born on November 24, 1984.  He grew up in the church where he learned to play the drums.  His career took off in 2010 when he released his album Kings of the Club.  BeatKing dropped his third album, Club God in 2011.

Club God included "You Ain't Bout That Life" the rapper's second single to make the Billboard charts.  BeatKing is one of the most consistent artists in the game.  Last year he released Club God 5 which featured 20 hot tracks.

BeatKing's Snapchat name is ClubGodzilla:

BeatKing Eggplant Challenge BeatKing is a marketing genius.  Earlier today, #BeatKingEggplantChallenge was trending on Twitter.  The challenge featured people doing ridiculous things with eggplants.  If you're not over 18, don't search for the challenge on Twitter.  
The rapper is being insulted for initiating the challenge but as …

Mike Caren - Net Worth, Atlantic Records

Mike Caren is one of the most powerful people in rap right now.  The video at the end of this article shows Yung Berg aka Hitmaka and Floyd A1 Bentley's interview with Everyday Struggle.  Joe Budden asks Yung Berg about Mike's formula to make hit records.  T-Pain worked with Caren on Flo Rida's hit song "Low."

Mike Caren Net Worth: $100 Million Mike Caren's $100 million net worth has been earned through his years of hard work in the music industry.  Caren is currently president of worldwide A&R for Warner Music Group's labels which includes Warner and Atlantic.  Some of their most popular artists include T.I., Trey Songz and Wiz Khalifa.

Everyday Struggle is starting to reveal some serious industry secrets.  While some people will find it entertaining, music executives might consider the YouTube series a threat.

I read this book at least 7 times in my first 10 years. I gladly buy one for any of our artists, songwriters, employees or interns and will an…

Nicki Minaj - Break The Internet, Kim Kardashian

Nicki Minaj's Break The Internet Paper Magazine cover has been approved by Kim Kardashian.  The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star responded to Nicki's Instagram post with three fire emojis.  Kim Kardashian and Paper Magazine teamed up in 2014 and broke the Internet with jaw-dropping pics by Jean-Paul Goude.

Nicki Minaj x Ellen von Unwerth Photographer and director, Ellen von Unwerth is the mastermind behind Nicki's amazing Paper cover.  Nicki is seen in three different seductive poses.  The rapper's creativity can't be matched.  While Von Unwerth snapped the shots, Nicki styled all her looks.  This is the first time Paper has used "Break the Internet" since Kim Kardashian's 2014 photoshoot.

Safaree Samuels responds to Nicki's Paper cover
You know you're doing something right when your ex-boyfriend can't control his emotions.  The response above shows that Safaree misses Nicki and regrets that they broke up.  Meek Mill snitched on Safare…

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