Omari Hardwick's Wife, Jennifer Pfautch

The following picture shows Omari Hardwick's beautiful wife, Jennifer Pfautch:

She has been riding with him since he lived in his car.  In the picture above, Jennifer was 3 months pregnant with their adorable son.  Omari grew up in Georgia and earned a football scholarship to the University of Georgia.  He didn't get drafted but tried out for the San Diego Chargers.  He didn't make the team so Hardwick decided to focus on his acting career.  
In 2004, Omari landed a role on Sucker Free City, a TV movie directed by Spike Lee.  He played Dante Ponce.  A decade plus of hard work has made Hardwick a household name.

ABC News reports that over 2 million fans watched the season two finale of Power.  Most of those fans can't get enough of James "Ghost" St. Patrick.  Similar to Empire's Lucious Lyon, he's everyone's favorite former drug dealer who continues to get away with murder.  According to Yahoo Jamie is trying to do right but his past life just won…

Lil Kim - Chanel Bang, Hair

Lil Kim's Chanel bang gave me life in the 90s.  Kim's hair is always on point but her blue Chanel wig was on another level.  The rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones might be going back to jail.  She's being investigated for a robbery that took place at a BET party house.  Her crew reportedly robbed a woman at the house.

Kim rented the house but when she went to check it out she changed her mind.  She asked for her money back but the property manager refused.  Lil Kim and the property manager started arguing and the police were called.  The cops left and Kim didn't get her money.  Kim's crew returned to the property at 4 AM and they got her deposit check back.

News outlets report that Kim's crew vandalized the property manager's car and stole a hubcap.  I'm hoping Kim will be able to avoid jail time.
Lil Kim and Havoc were added to the 2017 BET Awards to honor Prodigy.  Kim teamed up with Mobb Deep on the "Quiet Storm" remix.  The s…

What Time Does Power Come On?

Season 4 of Power comes on at 9 PM ET.  If you have the Starz app you can watch it right now!

Power's fourth season will start with James St. Patrick in jail.  Ghost has killed numerous people but he's in jail for a crime he didn't commit.  Episode 1 of season 4, "When I Get Out" will show a completely different relationship between Ghost and Angela.  Tasha will try to hold down the St. Patrick household as a single parent while Tommy runs the streets.

The show has been the center of attention this week.  Entertainment Weekly explains that the show was born out of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's desire to create a hip-hop driven series.
According to Refinery 29, we're lucky enough to be living in a time when there are so many good television shows out there that we can hardly keep up.  When the show's first season premiered, black television shows didn't exist.  As a result, a war began between the only two black shows on TV: Empire and Power

Charlie Murphy - Power Season 4

Charlie Murphy makes an appearance on season 4 of Power.  The comedian and actor sadly passed away on April 12, 2017.  He plays a prison guard named Williams on Power.  James is in jail where he calls his lawyer.  He's taking too long on the phone and Williams tells him to hurry up.  I got sad when I saw Charlie.

Murphy died from leukemia.  He was only 57-years-old.  Many remember his unforgettable appearances on Chappelle's Show.  He's Eddie Murphy's older brother so he's well-connected in Hollywood.  Charlie shared stories about Rick James and Prince.  The stories were hilarious.  Murphy should have tried to do a spinoff show.

James St. Patrick aka Ghost usually has everything figured out.  Season 4 of Power is different.  St. Patrick's past is finally catching up with him.  He didn't kill Agent Knox but he can't be trusted.  Angela knows he's a liar so it will be difficult to convince her that he didn't do it.

Tasha will have to help James pro…

King Khalid - Kodak Black Son

Kodak Black's son, King Khalid, keeps getting cuter! The image below shows him in some fresh copper Foamposites.  I'm hoping Kodak Black can avoid jail time so he can be in his son's life.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear his new song with NBA YoungBoy, "Water." The rappers represent the South's future but they can't stay out of trouble.

A psychologist recently explained that Kodak and Chief Keef could have mental issues.  Anyone familiar with their criminal records would agree.  NBA YoungBoy was arrested last year and charged with attempted murder.  The police claim that he was involved in a drive-by shooting.  When you're a famous young rapper the police are looking for you to mess up.

Kodak isn't worried about his legal issues.  He recently replaced his gold grill with a diamond grill.  The Florida rapper called out Lil Wayne last year after Weezy claimed that he never heard of him.  Like Wayne, Kodak's grill is bling …

What Happened To August Alsina? - Hospitalized, Health Issues

August Alsina is currently in the hospital.  He recently revealed details about his health issues.  The New Orleans singer is battling liver disease.  He shared the pic below with the caption, "The Pursuit of HEALTHiNESS." Liver disease can be caused by numerous factors or inherited.  Alsina's autoimmune system is attacking his liver.

August says that he doesn't like discussing his health because he doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him.  The singer has been working hard his entire life.  His career began when he started uploading songs to YouTube.  He didn't have any positive male role models.  Both his dad and stepfather were addicted to crack.

The following video discusses a recent conversation August had with Jada Pinkett-Smith.  He tells Jada about his liver problem.

August has a close relationship with Birdman.  He originally wanted to sign with Young Money but I'm glad that didn't work out.  The record label is constantly dealing with legal…

How To See Who Viewed Your Location On Snapchat

There is no way to see who viewed your location on Snapchat.  While some Snapchat users are disappointed, many are very happy.  I fell in love with Snapchat because of its privacy.  Unlike other social media networks, Snapchat once put its users first.  Not anymore.  Snapchat's map feature proves that the company can care less about our privacy.

You can't see who viewed your location on Snapchat but your followers can see exactly where you're at.  You can choose not to share your location by using "Ghost Mode."  I would definitely recommend hiding your location.  There are people in this world that you can't trust and you don't want to share your location with them.

The following tweet shows how some people are using Snapchat's new map feature.  There could be a person that has a crush on you that is too shy to tell you at work or school.  If he or she is following you on Snapchat, they could take advantage of the map feature by using it to track you …

Meek Mill Jumps Safaree (Video)

Safaree Samuels got jumped by Meek Mill's crew.  In the video at the end of this article, Safaree explains that he got out of his car, saw Meek Mill and then someone punched him.  Safaree calls Meek weak because he got his friends to handle his dirty work.  I think Meek Mill is smart considering his criminal record.

Nicki Minaj is somewhere laughing right now.  As you know, she dated both Meek and Safaree.  Some say Nicki wouldn't be successful without Safaree's help early in her career.  Safaree wrote her rhymes and produced many of her records.  When Nicki was with Meek her career was at a standstill.  It's great to see her creating music again.

The following tweet calls Meek out for picking his battles.  While his crew didn't hesitate to pull up on Safaree, what happened when Drake was throwing shots? Meek and crew have had a countless number of opportunities to jump Drake but it looks like they know not to touch the Toronto rapper.

Meek's people ran down on…

Exclusive: ‘Empire’ Season 4 Casting Call for a Principal Speaking Role

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeEmpire Season 4 is now casting speaking roles in Chicago, Illinois. Simon Casting is now casting speaking roles for the hit FOX TV series Empire. Casting directors are currently seeking a teenage actor to play a teen version of the character Jamal. producers are looking for a 12 to 13 year old version of Jussie Smollett (Jamal) on the show. […]Exclusive: ‘Empire’ Season 4 Casting Call for a Principal Speaking Role
Project Casting via via Project Casting

‘Empire’ Season 4 Photo Shoot Casting Call For Cute Babies

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeEmpire season 4 casting call for baby models in Chicago, Illinois. Casting directors are looking for 6 to 7 month old African American or African American/Caucasian babies to work on a Fox Empire photo shoot. The modeling job will take place on June 25th and will be compensated $250/8. The photo shoot will take place in Chicago, Illinois. […]‘Empire’ Season 4 Photo Shoot Casting Call For Cute Babies
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