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What Is The Ten Toes Down Challenge?

What is the Ten Toes Down Challenge? The challenge dares people to deliver a freestyle over the Ten Toes Down instrumental by Bubba Got Beatz.  In the past few months we've experienced some of the most entertaining social media challenges of all time.  From the Dub Challenge to the 1 Finger Selfie Challenge, there's never dull moment on social media!

Similar to the So Gone Challenge there have been some unforgettable videos submitted about some of life's most difficult moments.  There's so much undiscovered talent out there.  Luckily, social media provides everyone with an equal opportunity to shine.  Keep reading to see some of our favorite Ten Toes Down Challenge submissions!

Ten Toes Down Challenge
Ten Toes Down Challenge

The following video by Anaya Perry is the truth.  She lets her ex have it.

A video posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀Stay Focus... (@anaya_perry) on

Garrett delivers some very emotional bars in the video below.  He calls his father out for being a deadbeat.

Maria kills the beat with her unforgettable freestyle below.  The Bronx rapper follows Beyonce's advice: Best revenge is your paper!

A video posted by Maria (@honeycocaine_e) on

The freestyle below is fire! The talented rapper's lyrics reveal that she has been done wrong by the same guy multiple times.  Move on baby girl!

A video posted by Main Account @a.zariahhh (@lit.videosss_) on

Which video is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

Want to submit a freestyle? Use the instrumental below:

Kodak Black Weight Gain, Got Fat?

Kodak Black's weight gain has been seen in his recent Instagram pictures.  The rapper got fat during his time in prison.  While many complain about how horrible the food is in prison, Kodak Black didn't have any problems with it.  He was eating good while he was locked up!  This article presents Twitter's reaction to the rapper's new look.

Kodak Black was released from prison on Thursday, December 1, 2016.  During his first day out, he posted numerous Instagram pics that showed him with family and friends.  If the rapper can beat his sexual assault case he'll finally be able to focus on his career.

Kodak Black Weight Gain, Got Fat?
Kodak Black Weight Gain, Got Fat?

Twitter's reaction to the rapper's new figure was pure comedy.  The following tweet suggests that the rapper, whose real name is Dieuson Octave, is one of the first people to gain weight in prison.

The tweet below compares the rapper to an overweight Orange Is The New Black cast member.  

The following tweet states that Kodak found Gucci Mane's fat.  Gucci was skinny when he got out, leading people to believe that the real Gucci was replaced by a clone.

The tweet below explains that this isn't the first time Kodak has gained weight while incarcerated.  In 2015 he was arrested on robbery and assault charges.

The video below shows that the rapper has joined the Beyhive:

Dwyane "D" Wade Snapchat Name

Scroll to the Snapcode below for Dwyane "D" Wade's Snapchat name!

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James made a bet during the World Series between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs.  The Cubs won the series so LeBron had to wear a Cubs uniform to Friday night's game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls.  Dwyane uploaded a Snapchat video of James wearing the uniform.

The former teammates won two NBA Championships with the Miami Heat.  Wade won three championships total during his time in Miami.  While LeBron's career has been praised thanks to his three championship rings, Dwyane's talent is often overlooked.  Make sure you're following the NBA superstar's social media accounts.

Dwyane Wade's Snapchat name is MrWade82:

Dwyane Wade Snapchat Name
Dwyane Wade Snapchat Name

Dwyane reminded the world how talented he is during Friday's game against the Cavaliers.  Cleveland has the best record in the Eastern Conference yet Wade led the Bulls to victory.

Wade scored 24 points, grabbed 4 rebounds and dished 4 assists.  Many believe that the Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors will end up in the 2017 NBA Finals but if Wade can stay healthy he could lead the Chicago Bulls to their first NBA Championship since 1998. 

Check out LeBron and Wade in the video below: 

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Songs From Empire Season 3

http://EmpireX.Stream is your number 1 source for all the latest Empire season 3 songs.  This post will be updated on a regular basis.  Use the links at the bottom of this post for older season 3 songs.

Jamal Lyon loves calling out his father.  Check out his new track, "Cold Cold Man":

Jamal is all about changing the Lyon family's reputation in season 3 and he knows that Lucious they're seen as villains.  With Cookie in a new relationship with Angelo, Jamal picked the perfect time to release another diss track aimed at Lucious.

Serayah's new song "Aces High" is amazing:

Sierra McClain aka Nessa recently released a new hit song titled "Black Girl Magic":

Check out Jamal Lyon's most recent release, "Mama":

Check out "Heart Of Stone" featuring Sierra McClain and Bre-Z:

"Come Undone" by Jussie Smollett:

"Nobody Else But You" by Yazz the Greatest and Sierra McClain:

Hopefully Jamal gets better soon so he can deliver some more of those classic tracks he spoiled us with throughout the first two seasons of the series.


We love seeing Jamal and Hakeem work together despite Lucious' attempts to ruin their relationship.  Check out their track "Over Everything" from "One Before Another."

Check out Serayah's song, "Starlight." Tiana Brown performs the track in "One Before Another."

Check out Tiana Brown's new song "Me" her response to Hakeem's diss track:

Nessa is making sure no one's sleeping with her new hit, "Woke":

From "Need Freedom" to "Factz" the songs on Empire season 3 have already been amazing.  Sierra McClain of the McClain Sisters, is the show's newest star and she has a beautiful voice.  While "Need Freedom is Jussie Smollett's song, Sierra, who plays Nessa on the series, did a wonderful job performing it in the show's first episode of season 3.

"Need Freedom" is a song Jamal wrote for Freda Gatz.  Although she shot Jamal in the show's second season, Jamal knows that it was Lucious' fault.  The following three videos are different versions of "Need Freedom":

The series delivers new amazing tracks every episode therefore we had to use multiple pages.

  1. Click here for more Empire Season 3 songs!
  2. Click here for even more Empire season 3 soundtrack songs!
  3. Use the following link for even more songs from the Fox series!

Ronald Gasser New Orleans, Louisiana, Joe McKnight Killer

Who shot Joe McKnight? 54-year-old Ronald Gasser of New Orleans, Louisiana.  The image below shows the shooter in custody.  Gasser lives in Gretna, Louisiana.  The city is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, across the river from New Orleans.  The shooting occurred on Thursday, December 1, 2016 around 3:00 PM in Terrytown, Louisiana.

Gasser shot Joe McKnight after an argument at an intersection.  He was 28-years-old and unarmed at the time of his death.  McKnight was born on April 16, 1988 in Kenner, Louisiana.  He attended the University of Southern California where he played football for the USC Trojans.  In 2010 he was drafted by the New York Jets.  In 2014, he played for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ronald Gasser New Orleans Louisiana Joe McKnight Killer
Ronald Gasser New Orleans Louisiana Joe McKnight Killer

Following McKnight's years of NFL football, he played in the CFL.  Sadly, the incident is similar to the murder of former NFL player, Will Smith.  McKnight was a hometown hero, as proven by the tweet below:

Joe attended John Curtis Christian High School located in River Ridge, Louisiana.  In 2005, he scored 22 touchdowns, leading his team to a state championship.

Now is the time to do something about gun violence.  The video below provides additional details about the horrific incident.

Aja Metoyer Dwyane Wade Baby Mama Basketball Wives LA

Dwyane Wade's baby mama, Aja Metoyer will appear on Basketball Wives LA's sixth season.  VH1 has made several casting changes for the upcoming season.  Nick Young's baby mama, Keonna Green will also appear on the series.  Fans were very excited to hear that Evelyn Lozada will be returning to the reality show!

Wade and Metoyer had sexual relations during a temporary split between Wade and Gabrielle Union.  Wade and Unioin began dating in 2009.  The couple's busy schedules led them to breakup in 2013 when Wade fathered his son, Xavier, with Metoyer.  The Chicago Bulls guard also has two sons from his previous marriage to Siohvaughn Funches.

Aja Metoyer Dwyane Wade Baby Mama Basketball Wives LA
Aja Metoyer Dwyane Wade Baby Mama Basketball Wives LA

In 2006, Wade won his first NBA Championship with the Miami Heat.  Wade's teammate, Antoine Walker, averaged 13.8 points per game in the NBA Finals series against the Dallas Mavericks.  Walker is Evelyn Lozada's ex-fiancé.  Walker explains that he spent millions on Walker during their relationship.  He says that she decided to leave him once he went broke.

Lozada was a member of the Basketball Wives LA's original cast and a fan favorite.  In 2012, Lozada married former NFL player, Chad Johnson.  A month after their marriage, Johnson was arrested for head-butting Evelyn.  #BBLA season 6 will be unforgettable thanks to Evelyn's return!

Dilone Model Transgender?

Is Dilone, the model, transgender? No, the 21-year-old is not transgender.  The Long Island born beauty is a girly tomboy who loves her hair short.  She has walked for some of the most respected designers in the fashion industry including Dolce & Gabbana, Hermés and Chloe.  The video towards the bottom of this post features her 2016 Versace campaign.

Rumors about Dilone being transgender began after she walked in Bottega Veneta's 2016 menswear show.  The model has nine siblings who she would put on plays with when she was younger.  She loved the plays so much that she dreamed of becoming a famous Hollywood star.  Dilone forgot about her acting dreams after being scouted by her agency.

Dilone Model Transgender?
Dilone Model Transgender?

Dilone doesn't mind people thinking she's a man.  In a recent interview she explained that Denzel Washington would portray her in a movie about her life.

She recently closed the Pink section of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  The beautiful model looked winter-ready on stage with Bruno Mars.

The Dominican model's Versace ad also stars Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss.  In the Instagram post below the brand proclaims that Dilone embodies the spirit of contemporary Versace women.

Check out Dilone's Versace campaign in the video below:

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Christine McDonald, Kristinia DeBarge Mother

Christine McDonald is Kristinia DeBarge's mother.  Christine gave birth to Kristinia on March 8, 1990.  Christine was a teen when her and James DeBarge welcomed Kristinia.  Prior to his relationship with Christine, James was in a serious relationship with Janet Jackson.  James and Janet got married in 1984 but their marriage was annulled in 1985.

In Growing Up Hip Hop's seventh episode of season 2, "Straight Trippin" we see Kristinia visit Boogie Dash in the studio.  Kristinia informs Boogie that she has invited her father to the session and Boogie is excited to finally meet him.  Kristinia plays a song for her father and then asks him for feedback.

Christine McDonald Kristinia DeBarge Mother
Christine McDonald Kristinia DeBarge Mother

James explains that he is unable to provide feedback because he's still high.  The sad scene reminds us that the former singer is dealing with serious drug problems.

James' drug addiction makes it very difficult to believe his story about him and Janet possibly having a daughter.  Many believe that he sold the false story to make some quick cash.

Do you think James is telling the truth? Does Janet Jackson secretly have a daughter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Don't miss the next episode of Growing Up Hip Hop!

Kodak Black Snapchat Name

Scroll to the Snapcode below for Kodak Black's Snapchat name!

Kodak Black is a free man.  The 19-year-old was transferred to Florence, South Carolina to face criminal sexual conduct charges and was freed on $100,000 bond.  The rapper, whose real name is Dicuson Octave, has been locked up since May 18, 2016.  Scroll down to see the first Instagram picture he posted after being released.

The warrant for the rapper's arrest explains that he allegedly forced a woman to have sex with him at a hotel in South Carolina.  He's a free man right now but we're hoping he's taking the charges seriously and preparing for the case.  Make sure you're following him on social media.

Kodak Black Snapchat name is JBlack1K:

Kodak Black Snapchat Name
Kodak Black Snapchat Name

The tweet below shows the rapper's latest mugshot.  It's sad to see talented people waste their gift.  Kodak has over 600K followers on Twitter and more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Here's another tweet regarding the rapper's release:

In the Instagram post below, the rapper explains that he's happy to finally be free.

The rapper recently became famous therefore this is a vital point in his career.  Do you think the rapper will be able to stay out of trouble? Let us know in the comment section below!

Mendeecees Baby Mother Samantha Bio

Mendeecees baby mother, Samantha, is going through drama on Love and Hip Hop New York.  Everyone has something to say about how she's raising her son, Lil Mendeecees Harris.  In season 7, episode 3, "Chest Pains" we see Samantha's mom, Kim Wallace defend her daughter's parenting decisions.  This article will provide a bio of Samantha Wallace.

Samantha Wallace was born in Brooklyn, New York.  The Love and Hip Hop star's childhood wasn't easy, leading her to prioritize education.  She graduated from the NYC College Of Technology where she earned a degree as a Dental Hygienist.  with her baby father in jail, Samantha puts in long hours to provide for her and her son.

Mendeecees Baby Mother Samantha Bio
Mendeecees Baby Mother Samantha Bio

Is Kim Samantha's Biological Mother?

Yes, Kim Wallace is Samantha's biological mother.  As mentioned above, "Chest Pains" shows Kim having a heated discussion with Yandy.  Kim flips after hearing the negative rumors about how Sam treats Lil Mendeecees.

Yandy Smith is good at her job.  She manages some of the most popular artists in the world therefore she knows how to market a person, product or idea.  That's exactly what she's doing with Samantha.  Yandy believes that Sam's a bad mother and Yandy's influence has caused everyone to believe that Sam's a bad mother.

Mendeecees Release Date

Mendeecees Harris gets out of jail on November 28, 2021.  We hope Yandy's able to wait for him.  Great things come out of patience.  Here's a countdown to his release date:

Two things define you in life: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.  

Queen Latifah’s ‘STAR’ Atlanta Casting Call for Dancers

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for Free

Fox new TV series STAR is now casting dancers in Atlanta, Georgia. Central Casting is looking for young men and women ages 18 to 25 to play dancers and dance instructors at a studio. Filming will take place on Monday, December 5th. Casting directors are also looking for talents to play protestors for a scene filming on […]

Queen Latifah’s ‘STAR’ Atlanta Casting Call for Dancers
Project Casting

via via Project Casting

Are Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Still Together? 2016

Are Bella Hadid and The Weeknd still together? On November 30, 2016 at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Bella smiled at her former boyfriend, The Weeknd as he performed his hit song, "Starboy." Although his ex-girlfriend was all smiles, they're no longer dating.  In the video towards the bottom of this post, Bella explains that they're still good friends.

Why Did Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Breakup?

The couple broke up because of their busy schedules.  Bella was recently named 2016's Model of the Year by GQ, proving that she's in high demand.  The Weeknd is currently one of the most popular recording artist in the world.  

Are Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Still Together? 2016
Are Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Still Together? 2016

On November 25, 2016 The Weeknd released his third studio album, Starboy.  According to forecasters, the album's first week sales could be the third highest of 2016.  Beyoncé's Lemonade and Drake's Views are the only two albums that have outperformed Starboy.

The couple confirmed their relationship after being spotted together at the 2016 Grammys.  In an interview after the award show, Bella made it clear that she could care less about the singer's fame.  "I'm dating Abel.  I don't see him as The Weeknd." 

Bella, was born Isabella Khair Hadid on October 9, 1996 and is curretnly 20-years-old.  The Weeknd is 26 and hails from Toronto, Canada.  Should The Weeknd and Bella get back together? Let us know in the comment section below!

Too Sweet Queen Sugar Isaac White

Isaac White plays Too Sweet on Queen Sugar.  In the season 1 finale episode, "Give Us This Day" we see Too Sweet heading to Community College and Nova (Rutina Wesley) is very excited.  Nova's hard work is paying off.  Too Sweet was locked up for no reason, leading Nova to advocate for him.

Too Sweet almost accepted a plea deal but Nova informed him that plea deals are used to stop African Americans from proving their innocence in court.  In one of the saddest scenes of season 1, Officer Calvin, Nova's love interest, helps Nova gain access to see in the hospital.  The 17-year-old was beat up in prison and suffered serious injuries.

Too Sweet Queen Sugar
Too Sweet Queen Sugar

You may recognize Isaac White from Lee Daniels' The Butler.  In the film, he played Charlie Gaines at age 10.  Queen Sugar is filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana where Isaac was born and raised.  He graduated from Patterson High School in 2015.

White started auditioning for roles in 2012.  In 2013 he played Arkel in the television movie Adopted.  In 2014, the talented actor appeared in two episodes of Chicago P.D. as D'Anthony.

Hopefully we'll see more of Too Sweet in season 2 of the series.  Nova's love for Too Sweet was beautiful to witness.  In the finale we saw just how dangerous Nova's job can be.  Her boyfriend got into a fight with a fellow police officer after Nova introduces herself.

Timothy Randall Korr Baltimore Teacher Fights Student Update 2016

Timothy Randall Korr is the Baltimore teacher that fought a student on Monday, November 28, 2016.  This article provides an update on the student's status.  Timothy was a 25-year-old tutor at City Springs Elementary School.  The address of the school is 100 S. Caroline St., Baltimore, Maryland 21231.

Timothy assaulted a 7-year-old boy and has been charged with child abuse.  The student was hospitalized after the tutor broke his jaw.  The second grader will need mouth and facial surgery.  The student told his parents that the tutor threw him into a wall.  The assistant teacher was escorting the 7-year-old to the officer at the end of the school day but they never made it to the office.

Timothy Randall Korr Baltimore Teacher Fights Student Update
Timothy Randall Korr Baltimore Teacher Fights Student Update

Korr has been fired and faces felony child abuse charges.  He has also been charged with first and second degree assault, along with reckless endangerment and neglect of a child.  The boy's mother, Lateekqua Jackson, explains that her son was in an ambulance when she arrived at the school.

The tweet above sums up exactly how we feel about the incident.

Only a weak person takes advantage of a child's defenselessness.  We're praying for the 7-year-old and hope the teacher gets locked up!

The video below provides additional information about the incident.

Bre Z Bio Freda Gatz Empire

Bre-Z's biography is provided in this article.  Calesha Murray is a rapper and actress best known for her role as Freda Gatz on Empire.  She was born on July 22, 1987 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is currently 29-years-old.  She will appear in BET's 2017 series, The New Edition Story.  The talented actress will play Peanut Bell in The New Edition Story.

When Calesha was born, her grandmother nicknamed her Bre Z.  The Empire star grew up in Wilmington, Delaware.  Bre-Z's mom is friends with former Roc-A-Fella Records rapper, Freeway.  When she was 15 she reached out to Free and eventually began working on music with him.

Bre Z Bio Freda Gatz Empire
Bre Z Bio Freda Gatz Empire

In 2008 Bre Z moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  She moved there to pursue her dreams to become a famous rapper but she had bills to pay.  To earn cash, she landed a job as a barber.  Bre Z made connections fast, eventually building an impressive collection of celebrity clients.  One of Bre Z's most popular clients, Ludacris, also appeared on Empire.

One of Bre Z's friends recommended her to play Freda Gatz on Empire.  The recommendation led to an audition in Los Angeles, California.  Bre Z wasn't prepared but she winged and did a wonderful job.

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Empire Season 4 Cast

Empire's season 4 cast will feature some familiar names, along with some new faces.  This article will present some of the characters that will definitely appear on season 4 along with some characters that we're hoping to see on the series.  Oprah Winfrey is one of the most popular stars that will appear on Empire's fourth season.

Numerous members of the season 3 cast will appear in Empire's fourth season.  The following list includes members of the show's main and recurring cast:

  • Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon
  • Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon
  • Trai Byers as Andre Lyon
  • Jussie Smollett as Jamal Lyon
  • Bryshere Y. Gray as Hakeem Lyon
  • Grace Byers as Anika Calhoun
  • Serayah McNeill as Tiana Brown
  • Xzibit as Shine Johnson
  • Sierra A. McClain as Nessa
  • Gabourey Sidibe as Becky Williams
  • Bre-Z as Freda Gatz
  • Taye Diggs as Angelo DuBois
  • Ajiona Alexus as Young Cookie Lyon
  • Jeremy Carver as Young Lucious Lyon
  • Ta'Rhonda Jones as Porsha Taylor
  • Andre Royo as Thurston "Thirsty" Rawlings
  • Juan Antonio as Philip
  • Morrocco Omari as Tariq Cousins
  • AzMarie Livingston as Chicken
  • Vivica A. Fox as Candace Holloway
  • Tasha Smith as Carol Holloway
  • Samuel Hunt as Xavier Rosen
  • Phylicia Rashad as Diana DuBois
  • Juan Antonio as Phil
  • Eric Lane as Drop
  • Ezri Walker as Zeah
  • Tobias Truvillion as D-Major
Empire Season 4 Cast
Empire Season 4 Cast

Empire Guest Stars

The following list includes Empire season 4 rumored and confirmed guest stars:
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Tyrese Gibson
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Gina Gershon as Red Oaks

Debbie Allen And Phylicia Rashad Sisters

Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad are sisters.  Phylicia is Debbie's older sister.  She was born on June 19, 1948 and is currently 68-years-old.  Debbie was born on January 16, 1950 and is currently 66-years-old.  Similar to Empire star, Taraji P. Henson, Debbie and Phylicia both graduated from Howard University.

Debbie Allen is best known for her role as Lydia Grant on the television series Fame.  In 1980 she played the character in the film.  While her role in the movie was minor, she was a central figure in the television adaptation.  Phylicia is best known as everyone's favorite television mom, Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show.

Debbie Allen And Phylicia Rashad Sisters
Debbie Allen And Phylicia Rashad Sisters

The video below shows Debbie Allen present Taraji P. Henson with the "Big TV Star" honor at VH1's Big in 2015 award show:

Taraji reveals that she became pregnant while attending Howard University.  She didn't have any money to finish school but luckily she won The Dr. Andrew Allen Scholarship Fund.  Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad created the scholarship in memory of their father, Andrew Allen.

Maya Angelou Sorority

Maya Angelou became a honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha in 1983.  Rashad plays Diana DuBois on Empire.  If you saw episode 7 of the show's third season, "What We May Be" then you know that Phylicia's character is an AKA:

The following video discusses Debbie and Phylicia teaming up to lose weight.

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Who Plays Philip On Empire? Juan Antonio

Juan Antonio is the actor who plays Philip on Empire.  Say goodbye to Michael Sanchez and D-Major because Philip is Jamal's new love interest on the series.  Philip is a military veteran Jamal meets thanks to his PTSD support group.  Philip runs the group and truly cares about Jamal's well-being.

This isn't Juan's first time appearing in a series with Taye Diggs.  Antonio plays Luke Wedman on the series Murder in the First.  Diggs plays Terry English in the TNT drama series.  Similar to Taye Diggs' character, Angelo DuBois, Philip is special.  Philip doesn't care about Jamal's fame, he just wants him to be happy.

Who Plays Philip On Empire? Juan Antonio
Who Plays Philip On Empire? Juan Antonio

Check out Twitter's reaction to Jamal's new lover boy:

Nothing is off limits when it comes to Empire.  Who can forget Andre's threesome with Nessa and Rhonda's ghost!? We guess Rhonda's a ride or die chick forreal.

D-Major is cool but I can't stand the fact that he hides his sexual preference.  Jamal won't be able to handle the mental games D-Major plays.  We fell in love with Jamal's character because of his unapologetic confidence.  D-Major is a direct contradiction of Jamal's personality and Jamal should cut him off.

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Beyoncé Gorilla Mode 2

Beyoncé "Gorilla Mode 2" was released yesterday according to Google.  The notification was a mistake.  The search engine got the singer mixed up with a mixtape title Gorilla Mode 2 by King B.  The Bey Hive is constantly on Bey Watch after the singer's 2013 surprise album Beyoncé.  Queen Bey did recently release her standalone video, "All Night."

Beyoncé's video for "All Night" is an individual clip from the singer's most recent album, Lemonade.  The amazing visual features footage from Beyoncé's personal home videos.  Her husband, Jay-Z is seen in the video along with her daughter, Blue Ivy.  Scroll towards the bottom of this post to see the video.

Beyoncé Gorilla Mode 2
Beyoncé Gorilla Mode 2

The singer's fans went crazy after finding out that she released the video on YouTube.

Vevo posted some cool clips from the video.  Beyoncé is one of the busiest entertainers in the world.  It's great seeing her spending quality time with her family.

It didn't take the video a long time to reach over 1 million YouTube views.  Queen Bey loves reminding us that she runs the world.

The singer released Lemonade over 6 months ago and fans are listening to the album like it's brand new!

Check out Beyoncé's video for "All Night" below:

‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for Hot Bartenders

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Fox’s Empire is now casting hot guys in Chicago, Illinois. 4 Star Casting is now casting actors, models, and talent to work on an upcoming episode of Empire. Casting directors are looking for the following roles: HOT MALE BARTENDERS SHINE’S GUYS Casting directors are looking for attractive guys and “rough” men in Chicago, Illinois. About Fox’s Empire: ‘Empire’ centers around a hip […]
‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for Hot Bartenders
Project Casting
via via Project Casting