Sophie Brussaux Wiki, Art, Instagram - Drake Gets Girl Pregnant?

The following Instagram post shows Sophie's baby shower.  In the caption she thanks her parents and friends for throwing the party.  She reveals that she's having a baby boy.  The world can't wait to see if Drake's really Sophie's baby daddy.  The name "Adonis" is seen on the cake.  That's most likely the name Sophie chose.  I was hoping she would name him Drake!

Thank you to my AMAZING parents and friends for throwing me the best shower one can ever hope for! Words can't express the depth of my gratitude (for the shower but also your love and support) @aivilo86 @uptownights @valeg23 @lwenaferreira @nivesgadoni1 @davidgvdes + Instragramless beloved ones A post shared by Sophie (@sophieknowsbetter) on Aug 16, 2017 at 3:51pm PDT
Sophie Brussaux is the woman who claims to be pregnant with Drake's baby.  Drake was seen in Amsterdam with Sophie a few days after he broke up with Jennifer Lopez.  She's a talented painter.  Scroll down to see some …

Meek Mill - Arrested 2017, Locked Up Again

Is Meek Mill locked up? Yes, the rapper was arrested again.  A witness explains that Meek was leaving Dyckman Park after performing.  The Philadelphia native was riding a dirt bike when 5 police cars blocked traffic so he was unable to get by.  There was also a paddy wagon on the scene and Meek was arrested.

Meek is on probation so this is the last thing he needed.  If he didn't have a criminal record he'd most likely get a slap on the wrist but this isn't the first time Meek's been in trouble.  The Instagram post below explains that Meek was scheduled to perform "Young Black America" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In a recent interview, Rick Ross discussed how much he disliked Meek's dirt bike riding habit.  Meek is unapologetic about illegally riding his dirt bike in the streets of Philadelphia.  He's been doing it since he was young and he's addicted.  It may seem like a petty crime but dirt bike riders cause car accidents on a regu…

Adonis - Growing Up Hip Hop, Kristinia DeBarge

Kristinia DeBarge has an interesting relationship with her producer, Adonis Shropshire.  In episode 5 of Growing Up Hip Hop's third season, "Mo Money Mo Problems" Kristinia meets with Sandra "Pepa" Denton.  They discuss Pepa's book but Pepa really wants to talk to her about Adonis.  Pepa's daughter, Egypt told her about Kristinia's relationship with Adonis.

Pepa is a veteran in the music industry so Kristinia should listen to her advice.  Pepa asks Kristinia about her relationship with Adonis and Kristinia tells her that she has known the producer since she was 19.  Pepa asks about Adonis' wife and finds it weird that Kristinia doesn't have a relationship with Adonis' wife.

Check out the book Pepa doesn't want Egypt to read:

Adonis is a successful songwriter and producer.  He has worked with some of the most popular artists in the world including Mariah Carey, Usher and Beyonce.  The reality show is shedding light on one of the musi…

Briana Latrise Boyfriend Iman Omari

Briana is bothering someone new on every episode of Growing Up Hip Hop! First she picked a fight with Angela Simmons.  Briana didn't like how Angela responded when she told her that they already met.  Then Briana had beef with Teddy Riley's daughter and now she's beefing with Kristinia.  Briana needs to be on Bad Girls Club!

Briana Latrise's boyfriend, Iman Omari, was discussed on Growing Up Hip Hop's sixth episode of season 2, "Busta Crime." Iman was born on November 28, 1990 and will be turning 26 this year.  He started his career as a producer and has worked with Kendrick Lamar.  In 2011, he released his debut album, Energy.

Sadly, Growing Up Hip Hop revealed that Iman abused Briana, Mary J. Blige's stepdaughter.  The episode shows how much her friends helped her after Omari abused her.  Kristinia DeBarge, Boogie Dash and Boogie's girlfriend, Luna, went to Briana's house to make sure it was safe.

After Briana and Iman's altercation, Bria…

Who Is Angela Simmons Baby Daddy?

Angela Simmons' baby daddy is Sutton Tennyson.  The couple recently welcomed their first child, an adorable son, they named after Sutton.  Tennyson is a businessman from Atlanta that Angela didn't tell anyone about.  On previews for the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop, Romeo Miller is very surprised to find out about Angela's new boo.

Angela is currently going through the most.  She should have stayed with Romeo! Her and Sutton called off their engagement and now Angela's having problems with her half sister, Darian.  The video below shows a glimpse of the Simmons sister problems.  I hope the family gets the help they need!

Check out Angela and her bundle of joy in the image below:

Metro reports that Angela Simmons is proud of her baby bump.  The beautiful diva was spotted in Los Angeles in workout gear.  The former reality star looked great in a pink and black sports bra and her "SOUL" leggings.  She was headed towards her vehicle after a doctor's appoint…

Tammy Rivera - Before And After

VH1 reports that Tammy Rivera has denied having plastic surgery for the millionth time.  Scroll down to see before and after pictures of the reality star.  People are saying that she didn't have a skinny waist in 2014.  I don't think Tammy had plastic surgery but she should learn to ignore the haters.

When Tammy responds to her haters regarding plastic surgery it makes her seem like she's lying.  When you know you have nothing to prove it's easier to ignore your haters.  Rivera can be very emotional at times and that's what leads her to respond.

In the Instagram clapback below, Tammy explains that there is nothing fake about her hips and bottom.  A troll called Tammy out for not actually using the tea she's endorsing.  I don't think Tammy actually uses the tea but I also don't think she had any plastic surgery done.  Weight is all about genetics.  Tammy's daughter is also in shape, proving they have great genetics.

#TammyRivera vs. a new fan 🙃 #clap…

April Love Geary - Ethnicity, Wiki, Age

April Love Geary is Robin Thicke's 22-year-old girlfriend.  People often ask about her ethnicity: Geary is of French, Mexican, Irish and Dutch ancestry.  She was born on December 6, 1994.  Her and Robin started dating back in 2014.  Robin is currently 40-years-old so people have been critical about the 18 year age difference but the couple can care less.

Scroll down to see her Top 10 Instagram post.  If you're in a real relationship you probably don't want to see the pics.  Robin'sReal Husband's of Hollywood co-star, Kevin Hart explains that he hates new relationships because there's too much PDA.  Robin and April provide a perfect example of a new couple.

Robin Thicke Net Worth Robin Thicke is currently worth $18 million.

Earlier today, April posted the following pic via Instagram.  She revealed that her due date is March 1, the same day as Alan's birthday.  Alan is Robin's father who recently passed away.  He was an actor, best known for his role as J…

Courtney Finley Twitter - Jermichael's Wife

Jermichael Finley pulled a O.J. Simpson.  In the video below the former Green Bay Packers tight end discussed the Colin Kaepernick situation.  Didn't he learn from Michael Vick? The screenshot below shows Michael's wife, Courtney's response to his comments.  NFL players need to keep their mouths shut about current events because they're clearly not informed enough to make meaningful comments.

Mike Vick and Jermichael Finley advised Kaepernick to cut his hair.  While many don't seem to have a problem with Colin's afro the same people have problems with dreadlocks.  If Kaepernick had dreadlocks I think people would agree with Mike and Jermichael.  Double standards like this will never go away.

In the response above, Courtney starts by reminding Jermichael that he is black.  It's being called the O.J. Simpson syndrome.  Black athletes are getting money and they don't know how to act.  Courtney class Jermichael's comments absurd and tells him that Kaepe…

LeToya Luckett Engagement - Tommicus Walker

Bryon Javar revealed that LeToya Luckett was engaged on his Instagram page.  The image below shows LeToya smiling from ear-to-ear.  Her fiancee, Tommicus Walker, is an entrepreneur from Arlington, TX.  She's showing off her beautiful engagement ring.  LeToya's marriage to Rob Hill Sr. only lasted two months.  It looks like the former Destiny's Child member is giving love another chance.

I love LeToya and I'm happy for her but I wouldn't rush into another marriage.  She got divorced in January 2016.  That means she has been dating this new guy for about a year.  Her ex-husband, Rob Hill Sr. is a relationship expert but they were unable to make things work.  He explained that him and LeToya grew apart and decided they were better as friends.

Tommicus Walker was born on August 16, 1980.  He proposed to Luckett on his 37th birthday.  What a wonderful birthday gift.  According to LinkedIn, he works as a FedEx account executive.

Walker played football at TCU before trans…

Cardi B - Bentley Price

Cardi B showed off her Bentley truck today.  When you have one of the top singles in the country you deserve to buy yourself a gift or two.  "Bodak Yellow" has confirmed that Cardi B is here to stay. Cardi's Bentley Bentayga starts at $230,000.  She got the burnt orange color with the burnt orange interior.

In the hilarious video at the end of this article, Cardi dances to celebrate her new car.  She then gets in her car and starts driving.  Seconds later she sees the cop and panics!

Cardi needs to stay focused and keep dropping quality music.  She's dating Offset from Migos and I think she could learn a valuable lesson from the rapper: Build a team.  Without Migos, Offset we wouldn't know Offset.

BIG Bs🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊 A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on Aug 16, 2017 at 12:46pm PDT
Cardi should follow the lead of some of the greatest female rappers of all time: Lil Kim wouldn't have been able to do it without Diddy, Nicki Minaj needed Lil …