Da Real Lambo - Gloria James Boyfriend

Da Real Lambo, Gloria James' ex-boyfriend called out LeBron James on social media.  First the Kyrie Irving news and now this.  Now I understand why LeBron doesn't use social media during the NBA playoffs.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are falling apart and now people are talking about LeBron's personal life.

The screenshot below shows Lambo's message to LeBron.  The Miami rapper explains that James saw him treat his mother like a queen.  He claims that LeBron disrespected his wife.  He advises King James to talk to him like a man.  I'm almost 100% positive that LeBron won't respond.  He'll most likely end up paying Lambo off, if the rapper agrees to keep his mouth shut.

There's no remorse for LeBron.  Ever since he left Cleveland for Miami people have been hard on him.  He returned to Cleveland and won a championship but he continue to be one of the most hated players in the league.

LeBron playing the victim is my favorite LeBron. — Frank Isola (@FisolaNYDN)…

Bella Thorne's Snapchat Name

Scroll to the Snapcode for Bella Thorne's Snapchat name!

The 19-year-old is at it again.  She recently posted a picture on Snapchat in a tight shirt see through shirt.  She just got her nipples pierced so she went braless.  Every once in a while a major celebrity reminds us exactly why Snapchat was created.  The app is no longer the private environment it claimed to be.

Teen Vogue reports that Annabella Avery "Bella" Thorne has officially come out as bisexual and we're so proud of her.  It reminds us of "The Lyon's Roar" episode of Empire where Jamal decides to come out while performing his personal remix to his dad's song.  Lucious' face was priceless when he heard the lyrics!

According to Hollywood Life the news has come just one week after her split from Gregg Sulkin.  The best part about social media is access.  Make sure you're following all of her social media accounts.

Bella Thorne's Snapchat name is BellaThorneDab:

Bella claims th…

Is Bryshere Gray Dead? Hakeem From Empire

Status: Alive

The rumor that Bryshere Gray is dead is constantly being shared on social media.  I receive at least five messages per week asking if Hakeem from Empire is dead.  The story is completely false.  The 22-year-old is alive and well.  He has been able to build a loyal fanbase very quickly thanks to the Fox hip-hop drama series.

Bryshere Y. Gray has a huge fanbase thanks to the foundation he built as Yazz the Greatest.  The actor became a rapper after suffering a football injury in high school.  He is a true role model, successfully escaping some of Philadelphia's worst neighborhoods to become a successful entertainer.

Him and his younger sister were raised by a single mother.  The actor has shared his plans to buy his mother a house to thank her for all the love she provided.  That love is paying off everyday and it's one of the reasons he isn't dead.  When you're a single parent raising a child in an urban area, it can be very difficult to make sure the child…

Atlanta Casting: ‘STAR’ Season 2 Casting Call for a Jail Scene

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeFox’s Star Season 2 is now casting extras for a jail scene in Atlanta, Georgia. Casting directors are now taking submissions for MALE Background actors to portray FEMALE inmates. Producers are looking for Drag Performers and Cross Dressers who have their own wigs and wardrobe for this scene. Big intimidating looks are a plus. Filming will shoot on Monday, July […]Atlanta Casting: ‘STAR’ Season 2 Casting Call for a Jail Scene
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‘Empire’ Season 4 Chicago Casting Call for a Restaurant Scene

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Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeEmpire Season 4 is now casting extras for a restaurant scene in Chicago, Illinois. Casting directors are looking for people to play pedestrians in a low-income neighborhood in NYC. Filming will shoot on Monday, July 24th in Chicago, Illinois. Producers are looking for some people to pay restaurant patrons and waitresses in the scene. Casting directors are seeking […]‘Empire’ Season 4 Chicago Casting Call for a Restaurant Scene
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Kyrie Irving Memes - Top 10

The 10 funniest Kyrie Irving memes are provided in this article.  It looks like the Golden State Warriors will definitely be winning the 2017-18 NBA Championship.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are having a horrible offseason.  Despite winning a championship with the team, Kyrie Irving has demanded a trade.

Kyrie doesn't want to play with LeBron James One person that definitely can't be upset with Irving is LeBron James.  He did the same thing when he decided to play for the Miami Heat.  Who wouldn't want King James as a teammate? Kyrie is a spectacular player but he'll receive a reality check if he leaves.  LeBron makes the game easier for Kyrie.  James attracts a massive amount of attention, leading to open shots for Kyrie on a consistent basis.

LeBron is in Will Smith mode right now:

I can't blame Kyrie for having confidence but it takes a talented team to win a NBA Championship.  If Irving leaves Cleveland he'll most likely never win another championship.

LeBron …

Jamel Dunn Video - Drowning Disabled Florida Man

The video at the end of this article shows Jamel Dunn drowning.  Just when you thought this week's news couldn't get crazier this video is released.  The horrific video shows Jamel drowning while teens are heard making jokes.  The incident occurred at Bracco Pond Park in Cocoa, Florida.  The boys heard on the video range from 14-16 years old.

The boys laughed as Dunn drowned to death.  While omission is not a crime, disrespect should be.  One of the boys should have called the police.  Social media has taken over the world and the boys were focused on capturing the moment instead of calling for help.  Mobile phones were once used to make phone calls, especially in emergency situations.

The boys were not phased when Dunn drowned.  One of the boys said "R.I.P." and none of them panicked.  Sadly, the law is one their side.  The teens were not required to rescue Jamel or call police.  If someone would have tried to rescue him, they could have been held liable if they wer…

Kim Kardashian - Net Onesie Outfit

Scroll down to see Kim Kardashian's black net onesie outfit.  She was seen wearing the outfit in Beverly Hills.  It looks like those breakup rumors can finally be put to rest.  Kim was seen wearing the outfit during a date with Kanye West.  You can also stop saying that any of her sisters are more stunning than her.  Kim is the finest person in the Kardashian-Jenner family, hands down.

Kim K is loving the see through theme.  The second pic shows her in a beautiful silver skirt at BALMAIN.  Just when you thought Kim K couldn't get any hotter, she does it again.  I don't like seeing her without Kanye West but she looked stunning at the event.

It's great to see Kim showing off less bling.  The robbery incident was difficult but everything happens for a reason.

Kim's sister, Kylie, is trying to keep up.  She posted the following pic on Instagram.  It didn't take long for the image to earn more than 2 million likes.

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Jul 19, 20…

Jeff Felix - OJ Simpson Book

Jeff Felix's OJ Simpson book, Guarding The Juice received some major publicity thanks to the Juice. Simpson mentioned the book before his hearing in Lovelock, Nevada.  Simpson and his lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne seemed to be unaware that the cameras were rolling before the hearing.  They discussed the guard's book and called him out for lying.

Simpson revealed that he met the guard when he first got to prison.  The former NFL star explained that the prison guard would tell outrageous stories.  Simpson says that his friends are trying to convince him to sue Felix for lying about him in the book.  It's really weird hearing OJ Simpson call someone else out about a ridiculous book.  His 2007 book, If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer was the worst decision of his life.

Jeff was a guard at the prison while OJ was there but Simpson claims that he exaggerated their relationship.  Everyone's looking for a payday.  Felix says that he was OJ's closest friend at the jail but S…

‘Empire’ Season 4 Chicago Casting Call for Upscale Types

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Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeEmpire Season 4 is now casting upscale types in Chicago, Illinois. Casting directors are looking for upscale, trendy-looking people for an upscale bar scene that takes place on Tuesday, July 25th. Filming will shoot in Chicago, Illinois. Producers are seeking the following types: All genders, All ethnicities, Ages 25-45 About Fox’s Empire: ‘Empire’ centers around a hip hop music and entertainment […]‘Empire’ Season 4 Chicago Casting Call for Upscale Types
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